Flexible Furniture for Facility Space Management

fold away portable desks furniture for schools & universitiesEducational environments are always changing, and your storage and furniture solutions should be able to adapt to these dynamic environments at a moment’s notice. One college tested the fold-away portable desks to see if they would be able to easily adapt to multiple uses and improve their facility space management. Click here to watch a video about how the fold-away desks work.

Fold-Away Desks for Education

In an ever-changing educational environment, flexibility is key. The fold-away portable desks and furniture were tested in the college’s multi-purpose common area and were reconfigured for different purposes as needed. Sometimes they served as reception desks, and sometimes they were reconfigured into several small conference and collaborative spaces. When not in use, the workspaces were folded down and rolled into a small storage area. The fold-away portable desks and furniture proved that they had the flexibility to transform and adapt to any setup. Now, the college also uses the workspaces in two more buildings.

improve facility space management foldaway portable desks benches

The fold-away portable desks and furniture are available as mobile desks and workstations, benching systems, meeting booths, and flip-top workstations that serve as adjustable desks and portable whiteboards. To make for easy moving, the fold-away portable furniture is on rolling casters and the single-piece design allows for easy transportation. And because they fold up into such a small area, they’re a great way to save space and store away when you don’t need them.

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