Making the Most of a Tight Space with Custom Shelving Solutions

custom designed high density shelving for football equipment storage

As Texas Christian University (TCU) climbed through the ranks of the Big 12, its athletic facilities have upgraded as well. While working in a tight space with many nooks and crannies, Southwest Solutions Group’s Craig Crock was able to make the most of the team’s football equipment storage space with custom designed high density shelving and stationary shelves.

Problems with the Team’s Football Equipment Storage Space

The football team’s locker rooms, equipment storage, weight room and laundry facilities are located in the space under the basketball arena’s seating. To deal with the odd shape and limited amount of space, Craig needed to come up with some creative solutions.

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Custom Designed High Density Shelving Maximizes Capacity and Space

To ensure that the team was able to fit as much equipment in the space as they could, the main part of the project revolved around a mechanical assist high density shelving system. Because the shelving system doesn’t use traditional static access aisles, TCU was able to increase their storage capacity in half the space of static storage shelving.

custom shelving solutions for TCU's football storage spaceBut the high density shelving wasn’t without some special features. One row of the shelves was built as a counter-high worksurface as opposed to extending 6 levels high like the rest of the shelving units. The counter-high shelf row was used for the maintenance and storage of parts for helmets and shoulder pads. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Additional Custom Shelving Solutions for the Team’s Space

Besides the high density shelving system, Craig worked to design and install custom, stair-step shelving to fit under the angled ceiling line. Also, the laundry room featured stationary shelving that allowed for rolling bins to fit in at the bottom.

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