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Proper care of sporting equipment in schools

Caring for sporting equipment is costly. And the cost for gear repair and maintenance doesn’t discriminate based on what level – local, national, collegiate or professional – you play at. There is always a price to be paid in order to keep equipment in working condition. At the local level, however, funds for repairs and maintenance are harder to come by and, often times, sporting associations and athletic programs, particularly run by schools must rely on the kindness of the community for support. And when keeping the athletic program going becomes too much of a financial burden to bear, many schools are forced to remove the program from their curriculum completely. This, combined with a lack of available space to properly store sporting equipment and apparel, makes it particularly difficult for schools to maintain athletic programs at a standard acceptable enough for school districts to keep them as part of the curriculum. Click here to see additional pictures.

Sports equipment high-density mobile shelving helps track, preserve inventory better

mobile shelving athletic gear storage solutionsIn the case of a local high school, an architect, athletic director and superintendent of schools decided to find a better way to store and care for the sporting equipment used by the football team, while maximizing the storage space of an existing field house at the high school. What they wanted was a high-density mobile storage unit and workbench for football equipment and maintenance. After much consideration, sports equipment high-density mobile shelving from Spacesaver®, a leading manufacturer of these systems, was installed. It provided a better way to track existing inventory and preserve its condition for practice and game day, eliminating the need for an expansion. Click here to watch a video about the many kinds of sports equipment high-density mobile shelving we offer.

Athletic gear storage solutions increase storage capacity, floor space

These athletic gear storage solutions are designed to eliminate the need for access aisles, doubling storage capacity and expand the amount of floor space available to accomplish more. This sports equipment high-density shelving fits helmets, four to a horizontal row, with ease. This is made possible with the help of hooks which fasten into square-shaped holes incorporated into the system. The shoulder pads stack neatly on top of one another, providing enough free space between to avoid damage. Click here to learn how athletic gear storage solutions help track inventory.

Sports equipment high-density mobile shelving provides convenient access to stored items

high density sports equipment storage solutionsIn addition, thanks to its multi-tier design, this kind of sports equipment high-density mobile shelving served as a convenient and affordable way for the high school football team to house miscellaneous and required equipment, including a minimum of 135 helmets, 120 pads, jerseys pants, pads and shoes.These athletic gear storage solutions also fit into the available space, without restricting access or clearance to building mechanical systems such as HAVC, plumbing and power. And, because the football team had this type of sports equipment high-density mobile shelving at its disposal, there was no need to commandeer closet areas dedicated to baseball, soccer, trainer supplies, coach supply and laundry.

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