How Property Storage Cabinets & Security Lockers For Storing Evidence Temporarily Work

property storage cabinets and security lockersProperty storage cabinets and security lockers serve as an ideal place for storing evidence temporarily. These systems protect the integrity of evidence and ensure the processing and analysis steps involved with an investigation are handled in accordance with a proper chain of custody. There are many choices to pick from, but pass-thru and non-pass-thru options are the most commonly used. Although their operation slightly varies, both prevent evidence from becoming tainted. This is because they regulate access. How exactly this is achieved can be explained by examining how each system works. Evidence placed in the pass-thru lockers is deposited and retrieved from separate points-of-access connected by a wall. This allows for evidence to be managed more efficiently. Its doors can also be reset for future use. In comparison, evidence kept inside non-pass-thru lockers is accessed through self-closing doors and can only be extracted by those authorized to do so. How the pass-thru option of these property storage cabinets and security lockers for storing evidence temporarily works.

Property storage cabinets & security lockers designed to safeguard evidence

These property storage cabinets and security lockers for storing evidence temporarily are equipped with several design features to ensure the integrity of evidence is well-preserved from beginning to end. Details such as a multi-point deadbolt locking system, double-walled, welded doors, and anti-pry tabs provide enhanced security and keep evidence from becoming jeopardized in some way. In addition, a keyless deposit option, with a push-button lock system, allows evidence to be located and stored for safekeeping easier and more efficiently. There is also a nickel-plated recessed handle for optimal functionality. It prevents items and clothing from catching onto something. Self-closing continuous door hinges, that rest flush with these property storage cabinets and security lockers, are made from stainless steel and feature tamper-proof pins for smooth operation that lasts. A built-in toe kick also makes placing sizable evidence into the lockers not quite as physically demanding.

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Why property storage cabinets & security lockers are worth it

for storing evidence temporarilyReasons why these property storage cabinets and security lockers are great for storing evidence temporarily include the fact that their frame is backed by a warranty that lasts a lifetime, while the warranty on moving parts lasts for up to five years. This makes them more cost-effective than when compared to storage solutions of similar design. They also are available in a multitude of door sizes and configurations to meet specific needs and allow for maximum storage capacity. In addition, a high-quality powder coat finish provides resistance from rust and scratches. And, the heavy-gauge, welded construction these property storage cabinets and security lockers are made from gives them impeccable strength that lasts a lifetime. See the non-pass-thru option of these property storage cabinets and security lockers for storing evidence temporarily in action.

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