Law Enforcement Storage Systems preserve evidence

police evidence lockerFrom non-pass-thru and pass-thru evidence lockers to refrigerated lockers and evidence-drying cabinet systems, there are several law enforcement storage systems available to help police officers adhere to the proper chain of custody when a crime has been committed. The pass-thru evidence locker in particular, though, plays a pivotal role in piecing together the details of a crime and explaining what actually happened. Equipped with dual access points, law enforcement storage systems serve as a secure place for the deposit and retrieval of evidence to occur. This feature helps to preserve the condition of evidence and minimizes the chance of cross-contamination caused by improper handling or unknown foreign agents. Click here to watch a video on law enforcement storage systems.

How a Pass-Thru Evidence Locker keeps materials securely stored

This brand of law enforcement storage systems can be configured and built to meet specific regulations. Pass-thru evidence lockers can also be made to include special security features to ensure evidence is not jeopardized. Security options such as multi-point deadbolt locking system, double-walled, welded doors and anti-pry tabs help to safeguard evidence from coming in contact with unauthorized personnel. For added protection, these law enforcement storage systems can also be equipped with a keyless deposit security system or front-lock-out system, as well as functional features such as nickel-plated recess handles and self-closing, stainless steel continuous door hinges to reduce the risk of evidence tampering. Click here to see pass-thru evidence lockers in action.

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Process evidence more efficiently

Installing these law enforcement storage systems into your police evidence room serves as a safe, secure storage option to hold case-sensitive materials. Storing evidence in one centralized location will reduce the risk losing track of valuable resources used to solve cases and limit the percentage of unjust verdicts because of insufficient or mislaid evidence. Having these law enforcement storage systems at your disposal improves your ability to process evidence more efficiently and solve cases quickly. This, ultimately, works to keep dangerous criminals off the streets and reduce crime rates within the community.

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