Storing Police Gear, Equipment and Personal Duty Bags

tactical readiness locker has two doors and one drawerThe innovative tactical readiness locker was used as a storage solution for a sheriff’s department. The small patrol station was experiencing a severe lack of adequate storage space for their gear, equipment, and personal duty bags. In addition to requiring more organization and space, the department needed a way to keep the equipment close to their patrol cars and make it convenient to access. (Get more details about our police personal storage lockers here.)

Tactical Readiness Lockers Meet the Sheriff Departments Needs

To accommodate all the station’s needs, a unique tactical readiness locker was installed. The 30” x 30” rugged all-steel lockers allow the station to store their equipment outside near the patrol cars. In addition, each locker provides three congruently-sized compartments, increasing the number of units available to store officer’s equipment.

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Features & Benefits of the Tactical Readiness Lockers

police tactical readiness locker offers secure gear and equipment storageThe 3-tier tactical readiness locker consists of two doors at the top tiers, and a double-slide drawer at the bottom tier. The officers preferred the lockers to have 3-tiers but did not like having to crouch down to retrieve equipment from the bottom locker – prompting the use of a drawer for ease of use in accessing the bottom tier.

Double slides are used on each side of the drawer to ensure the drawer can hold additional weight if necessary and maintain its stability when packed with equipment and fully extended. The locker’s double-thick doors contribute to its strength and rigidity. And each of the three tiers include a hasp for the station to use padlocks to secure the doors and drawer.

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