The Latest And Greatest Crime-Fighting Tool: Evidence Room Organization

Though often underappreciated in TV crime dramas, a crucial aspect of building a legal case is finding and storing evidence. All across the country, law enforcement agency evidence managers must contend with a constant influx of new evidence, along with the need to store existing evidence for extended periods and maintain a clear chain of custody. Good evidence room organization is critical to prevent “lost” or “contaminated” evidence from gumming up the wheels of justice. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer a variety of public safety storage solutions, including long-term evidence storage solutions.

Evidence Storage System and Method Standards

Evidence Room Shelving

One of the major challenges facing property and evidence managers is the fact that evidence comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. An evidence department must be able to store everything from weapons and clothing to furniture and bicycles.

With a variety of shelving options like bi-file shelving and stationary shelving, our shelves can easily be adjusted to hold a huge variety of items, from small to large, and everything in between. Our shelves also include 1,200 standard accessories to give you a customized storage experience.

High-Density Police Evidence Storage

What can you do to keep up with incoming evidence when your space limitations remain the same? High-density mobile shelving is the answer. This type of evidence room storage places new or existing shelving on tracks to eliminate unused aisle space. The shelves can be moved using a hand-crank wheel or a powered button to open up an aisle when you need to access physical evidence.


These high-density shelving systems can, in most cases, reduce your evidence storage space by half, allowing you to double your evidence storage capabilities. This makes high-density mobile shelving an excellent solution for long-term evidence storage for ongoing cases as well as cold cases.


Additional Security For Police Evidence Shelving

The words “missing” and “tampering” have been used all too frequently when describing the handling of evidence storage. Consider adding a lock to your high-density shelving. Engaging the lock will ensure that all evidence items are secured and that only authorized personnel can access the evidence.



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Evidence Lockers

Southwest Solutions also offers a variety of state-of-the-art evidence lockers. Lockers come in pass-through and non-pass-through formulations, which are ideal for temporary handling. Police departments can also invest in refrigerated lockers that store biological evidence for preservation, as well as stainless steel lockers that can safely store hazardous materials.

re biological evidence as well as stainless steel lockers that can safely store hazardous materials.

Designing Your Police Evidence Shelving

Even if you’re committed to investing in new police evidence room storage, how do you figure out how best to implement your new evidence room organization? Leave that up to us. Our talented design team can help you choose the best shelving for your needs and then design a layout that optimizes your space while considering your usage needs. In particular, police departments need long-term evidence storage that is intuitive to use and that can also be effectively secured.

Installing Your Evidence Storage Shelving

With so much riding on the quality of your evidence room shelving, your install team must know what it’s doing. Fortunately, at Southwest Solutions, our factory-trained and certified installation team is ready and willing to ship, unpack, and install your storage system.

Trusted By Law Enforcement For Over 50 Years

Police captains and evidence managers know that you can’t skip corners when it comes to long-term evidence storage. That’s why so many police departments trust Southwest Solutions with their police evidence storage. With featured products like evidence and weapons storage, Southwest Solutions believes that a good evidence room organization can help justice be served. Contact us today to request a quote.