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Long Term Evidence Shelving

overview of police storage solutionsLaw enforcement is about more than just busting the bad guys. Securing evidence to maintain its chain of custody ensures that due process is followed. And your evidence storage unit could be standing in the way.

While taking charge of property and evidence might not be the most glamorous aspect of law enforcement, it’s definitely one of the most important. Without evidence, criminals can go free. In numerous situations – additional hearings and appeals, regulations for destruction, cold cases, no one ever claimed the materials – evidence needs to be stored and organized long-term.

What can your property room do with all these things when there is a finite amount of space? The answer: keep them in our long-term evidence shelving. The shelving is designed to use less space than traditional shelving because it has no access aisles. Want to learn more about our long-term evidence shelving? Click on any of the articles below.

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