Movable Aisle Shelving for New Building

spacesaver rolling movable aisle shelving system for storing filesThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT), along with several other state agencies, moved into a new building and applied space efficiencies they had experienced in their previous occupancy. They incorporated a total of twelve (12) Spacesaver movable aisle rolling file and storage shelving systems throughout five floors and saved filing and storage space throughout their offices.

Reliable Movable Aisle Shelving Systems Save 50% of File and Storage Space

When Penn DOT had the opportunity to move into a new building, the administration knew using movable aisle shelving systems could save fifty-percent of the file space and repeat the space efficiencies it had achieved with movable aisle shelving systems before. The Penn DOT staff had become familiar with movable aisle rolling shelving systems in previous years when they had to move into a new space unexpectedly. The department lost a building several years ago to fire and had to move into temporarily leased space. They utilized several movable aisle shelving systems throughout to minimize space utilization and reduce lease occupancy costs.

documents, publications, maps, and records stored in movable aisle shelving“We were very happy with the movable aisle filing systems in our previous building,” explained the end user. “When we planned the building, there was no internal selling needed. Our people were already sold on movable aisle filing and storage shelving.” The end user likes the movable aisle shelving systems because of their reliability. “In all of the year’s we’ve used movable aisle rolling shelving, we’ve never had to do repair,” said the end user.

Movable Aisle Shelving Stores All Types of Materials

Movable aisle filing systems are placed on several floors in three wings on each floor. The movable aisle file systems are placed in open office areas near where files are needed to enhance productivity. A movable aisle shelving system in the Sales Store holds two types of materials: bid documents and publications, as well as maps for sale. The system is designed such that there is an aisle for each area of storage and personnel working in each function can access materials with no waiting. movable aisle shelving with drawers and rolled large plan drawings

The bid documents for the State of Pennsylvania include heavy flat plans stored in shelving drawers, rolled plans and files. Publications and maps are stored in another area of the system. Confidential records, which are located in several areas of the building, are stored in movable aisle file shelving with lockable carriages that restrict access or secured behind locked doors on the rolling shelving system.

Movable Aisle Rolling Shelving Uses Special Track To Overcome Floor Loading Issues

A special design criteria was incorporated into the rolling file shelving systems for proper integration on the raised floor systems throughout the building. Penn DOT chose structural “T” rail track system to allow proper load distribution to the floor supports located on two-foot centers. Another movable aisle shelving system in the Chief Counsel’s Corporate Library stores law books and publications and serves 29 attorneys on staff. “We’ve been so successful with the movable aisle shelving systems that we’re putting them in our district offices,” the end user concluded. “The district personnel saw how much floorspace they saved and now they are using them.”

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