Space Efficient Binder Shelving Reduces Construction Costs

binder storage shelving solutionsPolysius Corporation, a German-owned ThyssenKrupp company, recently relocated its US headquarters from two floors to one floor of a Atlanta, Georgia high-rise building and designed the space for efficiency. By downsizing their offices by 50 percent, the move allowed them to stay in the upscale building while reducing lease costs and overhead. Facility planners took the opportunity to take a fresh approach to their space and not only improve efficiency, but also improve workflow and design a more upscale, professional appearance to the offices. “We did what was necessary to get high density binder shelving in the foot-print and improve our space efficiency. Our lease was coming due and we decided to stay in our current building but to try to find a way to reduce our lease costs. We decided that consolidating would also allow us to bring the engineering department together and facilitate communication,” said the Manager of Human Resources and Administration Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

High Density Binder Shelving Stores Over 7,000 Binders

With an open design concept with very few walls and as many as 7,000 binders to store, Polysius needed a creative storage solution to help them achieve their space design goals. The company utilized three Spacesaver® high-density mobile storage systems to condense infrequently accessed engineering reference materials to free up room for more workspace. In addition, more than 100 individual stationary binder shelving units are placed throughout the facility. “We did what was necessary to get high density binder cabinets in the footprint and improve our space efficiency,” the Manager of Human Resources and Administration efficient binder storage shelving

Spacesaver Provides Solutions to high Density Weight Loads

Extensive calculations were done to determine the structural support needed for high density mobile systems. The significant weight load of the consolidated materials introduced floor loading concerns that were solved utilizing creative problem solving by the local Spacesaver representative. Carbon fiber strips were stretched across support beams and secured with epoxy to disperse the weight load under the floor. “The architect suggested Spacesaver and we trusted their experience. They were not aware of any other company other than Spacesaver that could solve our structural problems,” said the Manager of Human Resources and Administration.

Spacesaver Stationary Binder Shelving Storage

hgih density shelving reduce lease costs

Strategically positioned, double-sided case-type stationary shelving ranges, located around the perimeter and throughout the open-office workspaces, store highly accessed project binders. “We utilized the shelving ranges to provide natural barriers between different divisions within the organization. Our organization is structured in project teams that need to have shared access to materials. The stationary shelving allows us to locate project materials near the team workspaces and provides privacy screening,” explained the Manager of Human Resources and Administration. Thousands of binders are successfully stored throughout the facility on Spacesaver high density binder mobile or stationary shelving. “Everyone loves the high density mobile systems and shelving,” he said. “It has worked out well and keeps things at our fingertips and everyone is more organized than before.”


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