Rotating Storage for Office Environments

rotating wardrobe tower cabinetSpace in open office plans is often at a premium, and many employees have to either sacrifice personal space or workspace for storing their things. The rotating wardrobe tower cabinet is a unique and innovative solution for office workstation supply storage that can store all of an employee’s personal and work items in much less space than any lateral cabinet. Buy rotating wardrobe cabinets online.

Rotating Wardrobe Cabinet Features

The rotating wardrobe tower cabinet allows you to increase your workstation storage capacity without sacrificing space and security. The cabinets allow you to combine personal and work storage in one dual-sided rotating unit. For example, personal items such as coats, tablets, backpacks, and purses can be stored securely and close at hand on one side, while daily work materials such as binders, books, CDs, and files can be stored on the reverse side. To access either side, users simply press on the ergonomic foot panel and rotate the cabinet. Features of the rotating cabinet include:

  • Cabinets lock when closed for extra security
  • Interior can be configured with additional shelves, an accessory drawer for small items, or locking security doors
  • Spinning the cabinet closed allows you to conceal reference materials and clutter from view for a clean office environment
  • Choose from 30 standard colors
  • Wardrobe heights 60⅞” to 92½”
  • Starter widths 36½” and 45¼”

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The rotating wardrobe tower cabinet includes:

      • Vertical panel with louvers on both sides
      • Four half-shelves
      • 3-prong coat hookoffice workstation supply storage rotary cabinet
      • Vertical panel adapter

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides rotating wardrobe tower cabinets for office workstation supply storage to all types of businesses. We will also provide you with a free consultation to help you determine what type and size of rotating cabinet is right for your specific application. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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