Rotating Filing Cabinets for Personnel Files

rotating high capacity filing cabinetsA major Fortune 500 company was hard-pressed trying to find space for their growing human resources department. Rotating high-capacity filing cabinets were able to store HR personnel documents that numbered in the thousands in less space than traditional lateral cabinets. Read on to find out how. Click here to watch a video of the rotating high-capacity filing and storage cabinets in action.

Storing More for HR Departments

Before, the department’s seven thousand (and growing) personnel files were stored in two large rooms. One room provided the office space the company needed, but they still needed space for storing their personnel files.

The rotating high-capacity filing cabinets provided an easy and space-saving solution. Compared to lateral filing cabinets, the rotating cabinets were able to double their HR personnel document storage capacity and condense the storage of these files into just one storage room.

The rotary cabinets could also be reconfigured for any binder or file shelves to accommodate their growing and changing needs. The company was able to expand their offices and still keep all of their confidential personnel files on-site.

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store hr personnel documents in high capacity rotary cabinets
The rotating high-capacity filing cabinets don’t just store files either; they can also store anything from coats, supplies, electronics, bags, mixed media, and more. The cabinets have been used for many applications in a huge amount of businesses for both personal and business storage.
Rotating high-capacity filing cabinets can be bought online and require no professional installers. Click here to view the cabinets on our online store.

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