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automated RFID tracking for managing files

automated RFID file tracking for paper records management

If your business is like most others, you have not yet completely converted to a paperless filing system, and an efficient paper record management system is still needed. And your records probably aren’t just paper; it may include files, folders, records, evidence, photos, books, even CDs and DVDs. Not only do misplaced files waste time and money but certain physical records must be tracked in accordance with regulations. Automated RFID file tracking systems solve this problem, providing quick and easy access to the files you need while being in compliance with various regulations in accordance with your department. (See videos see videos)

automated RFID file tracking solutions

RFID tracking is a must for a compliant and efficient paper record management system. With RFID tags, tracking of physical files and documents becomes fully automated. This includes rules-based authorizing access, recording check-in and check-outs, and providing inventory scans for efficient records management.

The three types of RFID tracking systems: bar code, high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF). Ultra high frequency RFID is suitable for many applications in most environments, provides virtually 100% accuracy with a range of 6-10 feet, and is highly scalable, flexible, and affordable. Ultra high frequency RFID is perfect for businesses that need fast and simultaneous reads of large quantities of items.

benefits of automated RFID tracking systems

efficient paper record management system for tracking files

As explained above, there are many benefits that come with implementing RFID as part of an efficient paper record management system. Here are just a few more of the benefits of RFID:

  • Automated collection and management of critical data
  • Improved productivity and regulatory compliance
  • Reduced file location and inventory errors
  • Quick and efficient record retrieval
  • Integration and scalability with related business systems
  • Web-based status retrieval
  • Alerts for unauthorized access
  • Multiple uses for many different departments, including courts, law offices, financial offices, government agencies, insurance offices, libraries, pharmacies, and more.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides consultation and implementation services for departments interested in managing their files with an efficient paper record management system. To learn more or to speak with an information management specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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