How RFID Is Helping Businesses Be More Efficient

What Is RFID?

Radio Frequency IDentification is a technology that uses radio signals to read tags placed on objects.

Readers can be handheld or fixed. They send out radio waves seeking information.

Tags attached to or embedded in an item carry an ID signature and other information about the item.

The Benefits of RFID Trackers

RFID asset tracking systems are used to track and monitor inventory all over the world. As global commerce becomes more complex, RFID inventory tracking can help companies keep pace.

Time Savings

RFID tags do not need to be scanned like a barcode. Product tracking can happen at a much farther range, saving a significant amount of time.

Less Product Loss

Companies can better track their stock, leading to less shrinkage and profit loss during transport and storage.

Less Buffer Stock

When companies know exactly how much inventory they have and how quickly that inventory is moving, they don’t need to purchase as much buffer stock, helping them attain a leaner operating budget.

More Data

Barcodes typically only tell an item’s type. RFID tags can store much more data, allowing companies to track individual units.

More Flexibility

Since RFID tags don’t need to be seen, they can be placed anywhere on a product, giving companies greater flexibility.

Better Organization

RFID trackers can read RFID tags anywhere in a warehouse, making it easy for employees to quickly and easily find needed items.

Improved Productivity

Employees no longer need to engage in labor-intensive barcode scanning. Now, employees can find any products without long, time-wasting searches.

Who Is Using RFID Inventory Tracking?

  • Amazon – One of the largest companies in the world, stocking nearly everything
  • Zara – Large fast fashion retail brand
  • H&M – Fashion-forward retail brand
  • Decathlon – French sporting good retailer with over 1,500 stores
  • BJC HealthCare – One of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States

Where Else Are RFID Trackers Being Used?

  • Bookstores
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Timber collection
  • Mining supply companies
  • Museums
  • Farming cooperatives
  • And more!

RFID Trackers Are Revolutionizing Warehouse, Shipping, and Inventory Management

Companies need to know how much inventory they have, where that inventory is, and when new inventory will arrive. RFID asset tracking makes these tasks easy, helping businesses from Amazon to your local bookstore keep track of their inventory. To learn more about RFID and barcode tracking, read any of the articles below. If you have any questions or need to speak with a specialist, give us a call at 1-866-445-8859 or send us a message.