Storing band concert sheet music folios better in no time

ssg Pull out Retracting Wall CabinetDo you have more sheet music than space to accommodate it? Don’t waste one more minute buried under a staggering pile of material. Rely on pullout wall cabinet gliding shelves, instead. They’ll have you storing band concert sheet music folios better than others in no time. Finding it hard to believe? Take some time to decide for yourself by looking at what the storage has to offer. The benefits speak for themselves, making units better than traditional options.

  • Units offer users an opportunity to save floor space
  • Shelves accept modification to make better use of space, ensuring materials maintain organized
  • System requires little floor anchoring and shelving assembly, making installation easy

An alternative has enough capacity to accommodate only so much material. Go with it and you may find yourself in the same situation as a violinist and blogger. Her troubles started a decade after purchasing a large cabinet. It had varying size file and storage drawers. Read on for a clearer understanding of what she found herself dealing with.

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The file-drawer depth made accommodating books and over-sized music easy at first. There was enough room left over to fit xeroxed files of orchestra music in-between. Much of it was alphabetized by the composer. There were hanging files for each to accommodate file folders of varying works. Everything was going along fine until there was no more file space to use.

Soon after reaching capacity, the unit became nothing more than a safety hazard. The cabinet would tip forward whenever trying to open it. This left contents from every angle at risk of becoming displaced. The drawers would even roll open on their own, leaving materials open to possible theft. It left the blogger with no choice but to quit using the cabinet altogether. Click here to see how using pullout wall cabinet gliding shelves can make material access easy.

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Pullout wall cabinet gliding shelves safer bet to accommodate material access & space

pullout wall cabinet gliding shelvesThe pullout wall cabinet gliding shelves are a much safer bet in many ways. Storage drawers are not even factored into its design. Instead, units feature an open front that makes storing band concert sheet music folios less risky to user safety. There is a handle on the outer edge of the shelving that allows units to extend into the aisle to make material access and retrieval easy. Users have a clear line of sight of what is there, improving item recognition.

Pick from three storage configurations. These include single wide, double side, or triple wide units. Users can also order multiple configurations at once to create wider units. Options include ones that make four, five, or six wide shelving. Any are as good at meeting space and storage requirements as the next. Available shelving comes in one of two width sizes, including 30″ or 36″. Shelving depths measure 12″, 15″ or 18″. Shelving heights offered at 82″ or 91″ overall. The first uses 76″ of that height to accommodate seven shelves, while 85″ of the second goes to aid eight shelves.storing band concert sheet music folios

Pullout wall cabinet gliding shelves features

There are many features worth mentioning about pullout wall cabinet gliding shelves, too. Some have to do with its roll-out retractable bases. Others are specific to the steel shelving. All are below.

  • Retractable bases constructed of steel. Units with the optional soft-close feature are an exception because of using heavy-gauge aluminum.
  • Roll-out retractable bases extend to provide total access to stored materials. Supports loads up to 650 when fully extended.
  • Roll-out base wheels have maintenance-free sealed roller bearings.
  • Bases painted black with a quality powder coat paint finish with no off-gassing.
  • Roll-out bases include a leveling frame for easy leveling and quick installation. Anchoring to the floor required.
  • Customize the number of roll-out shelving units/bases to meet your specific storage requirements. Add extra units at a later date to accommodate growing storage needs.
  • Optional soft close feature allows shelves to close gently, keeping contents from jarring.
  • Steel shelving units mount on top of roll-out retractable bases
  • All (except the bottom and top shelves) adjust
  • Shelving units include full metal back panels
  • Shelving is available in a variety of optional colors

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