Tracking Lockers for Secure, Convenient Mail Delivery Distribution Audit Trail


Does your organization need to streamline and improve the exchange of accountable mail, inter-company documents, manufacturing components, or other critical assets because parcel packages are not getting to the intended recipients? TZ Package Tracking Lockers will completely automate the last mile in the sequence of parcel delivery. The TZ Package Tracking Lockers provide a centralized parcel exchange point that ensures an improved chain of custody, instant recipient notification, and end-to-end delivery tracking. Most importantly, the TZ Lockers will reduce costs through improved productivity and optimized mail delivery distribution processes.
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What Do the Package Tracking Lockers Look Like?

Physically, the TZ Package Tracking Locker System consists of a bank of lockers with one of the lockers dedicated to housing the system hardware. A typical bank of lockers is comprised of columns, with each column consisting of either six small lockers per column, a mixture of five or six small and medium lockers per column, or two large lockers per column. There is also a 10.2″ diagonal touch screen, which is installed at a slant to enhance ergonomics and at a height that accommodates people with disabilities. TZ Package Tracking Lockers are available in a variety of finishes to complement or match the environments in which they are installed.

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How Do the Package Tracking Lockers Work to Change Mail Delivery Distribution?

The automated mail delivery system works in three easy steps:
Step One: Parcel Drop Off – The mail agent logs into the system using the touch screen, scans the receipt of package into the tracking system, and places the package or envelope into the locker.
Step Two: Parcel Pick Up – The intended recipient is alerted by text or email and assigned a unique one time pin code that allows access to the locker for 24/7 pickup.
Step Three: The system provides a secure exchange with a full audit trail for accountability and up to the minute tracking, which ensures a strict chain of custody from the mail agent to the intended recipient. (See videos)

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Package Tracking Locker Features and Benefits

Computerized Tracking of Concierge Courier Lockers

Here are just a few of the TZ Package Tracking Lockers’ features and benefits:

  • Simple, user-friendly LCD touch screen graphical interface
  • 24/7 availability eliminates missed deliveries and re-delivery attempts, which improves customer access
  • Customizable mail locker design to suit specific aesthetics, configuration and functional performance needs
  • Adaptable TZ software platform readily customizable to suit specific work flow requirements
  • Potential for fully integrated end-to-end solution with existing infrastructure systems
  • Reduces costs associated with missed deliveries
  • Reminders can be set up to remind recipients to pick up their parcels
  • Tracks deliveries and customer receipt activity and shows the audit trail
  • Significantly reduces labor cost for personal or desk delivery

TZ Package Tracking Lockers Design and Planning Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group® is an exclusive TZ Certified Integrator and will provide you with expert design and planning assistance for Package Tracking Lockers. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will get you in touch with the local sales professional in your area.


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