Technical Furniture Resources

technical furniture resourcesIf you’re looking for ways to modernize and streamline workflows in busy mailrooms, Hamilton Sorter mail furniture is the way to go.

For over 50 years, Hamilton’s mission has been to keep mailrooms running efficiently. After all of these decades, companies of all sizes can still count on these technical furniture solutions for optimization and streamlining.

We no longer see mailrooms in the darkest corners of businesses. Instead, they’re in prominent areas of colleges and offices, making them an extension of that company’s brand. That means business professionals and company owners can trust that the office sorter casework they choose features finishes and materials worthy of displaying front and center.

Understanding Hamilton Sorter Mail Furniture

There’s no other business area where form and function are more important than in a mailroom. When office sorter casework features the right design, that means an increase in efficiency and productivity. Hamilton Sorter Casework gives architects, designers, and end-users durable, flexible, and modular alternatives to built-in millwork.

Office sorter casework features designs that can handle today’s work environments and rigorous conditions. Hamilton Sorter Casework and technical furniture are available in any laminate color the client would like to use. Company owners can adjust the slots and sorters, making it that much easier to handle their mail. Using Hamilton’s exclusive pin cam locking system, it’s possible to secure sort modules at any position on the office sorter console.

Hamilton Sorter Casework features designs specifically for:

  • Corporate offices
  • Educational facilities and institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies

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Why Facilities Should Use Technical Furniture

mailroom sorter technical furnitureEfficiency organization is critical for many companies when making higher productivity and lessening the time it takes to search for files a priority. Hamilton sorter casework is pre-assembled technical furniture that comes ready for installation. Because every facility is unique, managers and owners can create specific designs.
Companies can use these technical furniture kits as a literature and mail sorting solution. Because this isn’t a built-in millwork system, that means they can reconfigure and relocate anywhere and at any time. The best thing about this is that there are no building modifications necessary. Companies looking for eco-friendly office sorter furniture also love that these systems are green.
Additional reasons to choose Hamilton sorter mail furniture include:

  • Adjustable sorting shelves that easily adjust: Because sorting shelves can slide in and out on tracks that space at one-inch increments, that makes the shelve’s opening heights hassle-free when a facility’s mail sorting needs change.
  • No sharp edges: With no sharp edges, these mail sorters protect hands in fast-paced mailrooms.
  • Sorting labels that are easy to read: Facilities find full-length name labels on sorter shelves and trays that are easy to change and read.
  • Transparent sorting shelves: Because each shelf is transparent, that allows light to pass through, thus making the documents and mail in the sorter easier to see.

Architects and designers that need to manage a significant renovation feel comfortable delegating mailroom systems and the practical details that go along with them to these modular designs. Hamilton Sorter Casework mail furniture and casework’s line is comprehensive and features all the accessories companies require.

How Hamilton Sorter Mail Furniture Improves Efficiency

mail sorting technical furnitureEfficient mailrooms start with furniture featuring ergonomic designs that eliminate double-handling, keeps functions from interfering with each other, and minimizes operator motion. For example, companies can opt for the under-table storage, which puts mailbags, trays, and tubs within comfortable reach. It’s also possible to prevent material loss with reinforced rims around the table. There are also adjustable legs to ensure all work surfaces have comfortable height positioning.
No matter if a company needs an L or U-shape configuration, Hamilton Sorter mail furniture has a solution for every size mailroom. Because each piece of this office technical furniture features unique shelf designs and full-depth shelf support, mailroom operators have the most substantial sorting bin available.
Every worktable and console features designs that reduce the need for a worker to bend or stretch. Because there are optional storage units, that means all essential tools are with a worker’s reach. Companies can also find a broad range of Hamilton Sorter mail furniture for their outbound mail. That includes branch and filed mail consolidation, metering consoles, staging consoles, postal denomination sorting, small package manifesting, and package weighing.

Benefits and Features of Office Technical Furniture

Modular office technical furniture is the ultimate in flexibility when companies are looking for a casework solution. This modularity means companies can create a mailroom design that fits their needs and are unique to their space. Full customization means that facilities can enhance organization and work efficiency by implementing cabinet and shelving configuration and utilizing various accessories.

Additional benefits include:

  • Laminates are available in multiple abstracts, solids, textures, and woodgrains.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled wood cores
  • Modularity means designs and unit configurations can happen without tools.
  • The cabinet’s design can support up to 1,000 lbs.
  • There’s no assembly required

Hamilton Sorter mail sorter systems provide maximum capacities while maintaining a minimal footprint. Companies can build-out their current copy, mail, or workroom using free-standing modules. Or, they can opt for combining base consoles with top-sorting units. That way, they can create multi-purpose workstations featuring flat surfaces.

Additional features include:

  • mailroom technical furniture sortersAttention to detail: Hamilton Sorter mail furniture features the most intense attention to detail. For example, the Executive Mail Station is available with locked and open storage while remaining a self-contained collections and mail delivery system.
  • Flexible manufacturing: Aluminum frame console construction is ideal for high-traffic mailrooms and is available with adjustable legs, cable raceways, full or half-depth shelves, optional locks, modesty panels, and wood-top corners.
  • Specialty solutions: Companies can choose specialty solutions, like the Manifest Shipping Station, which features space for a keyboard tray, monitor, and printer for all automated shipping operations.

How Office Sorter Casework Benefits the Military

Hamilton Soter mail furniture isn’t only for companies and healthcare facilities. Military bases benefit from properly designed and efficient office sorter casework to remain organized and productive. Looking at organization and storage for classified and other pertinent information starts when intelligence enters a military base—in the mailroom.
Military furnishings, including that which you’ll find in a mailroom, requires code compliance, efficiency, safety, security, and more. Hamilton Sorter mail furniture captures those requirements and much more. Aerospace centers, government, public safety agencies, and military bases need technical furniture to securely exchange critical information.
Additional benefits military personnel can experience include:

  • Adaptable and flexible: These units feature designs that military personnel can reconfigure, relocate, and reuse anywhere within the base or facility.
  • Durable construction: Modular office sorter furniture is durable enough to stand up to everyday work rigors.
  • Eco-friendly: Because there’s no need to throw these units away each time changes need to occur, that makes them a green solution.
  • Multiple design configurations: It’s possible to create a professional atmosphere by choosing from a wide variety of finishes and hardware to match an area’s existing décor.
  • Quick installation: Every piece of office technical furniture is pre-assembled, which means quick installation on a busy military base.

Technical Specifications and Design

As the need for mailroom efficiencies continue to multiply, so is the need for better material-handling solutions. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to turn to in-house engineering teams for answers to these problems. Architects and designers provide innovative office sorter casework solutions to the athletic, educational, law enforcement, medical, and military industries, and more.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Re-adjustable sort shelves along the full-depth of channel guides
  • Sort modules available in between one and six configurations
  • Sort modules available in legal, oversized, and standard configurations

Mailroom Efficiency Solutions

Businesses of all sizes and within most industries need to increase efficiencies in their mailrooms. Implementation of office sorter systems means businesses can streamline workflows and increase efficiency. The technical specifications for each of these mailroom solutions vary by height, storage capacity, weight, and more. Here are a couple of examples:
technical furniture resources mailroomModel: Mailroom Sorter and Cabinet: #SMS-76-MS64144HM

  • Cabinet doors: 3mm-thick ABS material
  • Capacity: Units Have 144 Sorting Trays
  • Dimensions: 6′ Wide x 1’4″ Deep x 6’7″ High
  • Framework: Supports up to 1,000 pounds
  • Mail sorter trays: 11″ Wide x 15-3/8″ Deep
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Weight: 390 pounds

Model: Mail Sorter For Oversize Documents: #SMS-90-FSM561672OK

  • Adjustments: 1″ increments
  • Capacity: 4 Columns with 39 Adjustable Openings
  • Construction: Transparent shelves
  • Dimensions: 4’8-1/8″ Wide x 1’4-7/8″ Deep x 6’0″ High
  • Framework: Sorter shelves support up to 35 pounds
  • Name labels: 7/16″ High, easy to read.
  • Shelf dimensions: Sorter shelves are 12-3/4″ Wide x 15-3/4″ Deep
  • Weight: 352 pounds

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When companies have expert designers on staff, it’s possible to integrate technical furniture into their existing floor plans. Implementing Hamilton Sorter casework into a business involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation following a thorough site evaluation
  2. CAD drawings and presentation of plans
  3. Project integration with existing floor plans
  4. Installation of technical furniture

Mailroom Workflow Solutions Using Hamilton Sorter Mail Furniture

Southwest Solutions Group® is a leader in design and installation innovations for technical furniture solutions. Contact one of our designers by email or call us at 1-800-803-1083 today. They’ll walk you through the process of deciding which office sorter casework solution is best for your business.