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Frosted Glass Lightline Architectural Walls Dallas Fort Worth Austin San Antonio

Lightline Architectural Walls are Dedicated to the Enhancement of Light

Lightline™ Architectural Walls represent the future of Movable Walls. Conventional storefront wall construction are costly and labor-intensive. There’s no denying that finished installations using traditional construction methods are often beautiful, but they cannot be relocated and create material waste that harms the environment. Lightline Architectural Walls are a modular alternative that delivers the aesthetics of storefront walls but in a movable wall solution. The Lightline Movable Wall’s seamless connections maximize natural lighting for brighter, more attractive spaces, which result in more successful and fruitful environments. Southwest Solutions Group® provides businesses and offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio with Lightline Architectural Walls that are dedicated to the enhancement of light.

Maximize Daylight with Lightline Movable Walls to Enhance Worker Morale

The Lightline Architectural Wall’s distinctive ability to be specified with unlimited butt-glazing allows you to design spaces with no visual breaks. Because the Movable Wall panels don’t require vertical posts, its thinner, smaller rectilinear profiles practically go unnoticed. In addition, the continuous glass panels maximize the amount of daylight that flows into a space. This warms the interior environment, enhancing a sense of personal well-being and aiding worker productivity.

Sustainability is Key with Lightline Architectural Wall Construction

Lightline Architectural Walls are engineered with simplicity in mind and are built with only a few essential components. Rather than being built on site, Lightline Walls are fully assembled in the manufacturing facility, which guarantees timely installation and less waste on site. This process saves you valuable time and money while preserving environmental resources. Also, the Lightline Architectural Walls are made of highly recyclable materials that leave a negligible environmental footprint at the end of their life cycle.

KI Lightline Movable Walls Dallas Fort Worth Austin San Antonio

Specific Features and Benefits of the Lightline Architectural Walls

  • Walls can measure up to 120″ high and 48″ wide per panel.
  • Versatile door offerings include sliding or pivot options in glass, wood or other substrates.
  • Corners require no reinforcement. Glass corners or three-way connections are standard options.
  • Unitized butt-glazing between panels makes unsightly vertical posts unnecessary.
  • The 2″ base thickness delivers a clean look, while durable ½”- thick tempered glass improves the STC rating.
  • Rectilinear profiles allow more passive visuals, while minimalistic proportions provide clean aesthetics.
  • Designed by KI, Lightline is the first and only unitized or pre-assembled seamless butt-glazed solution on the market.
  • Lightline butt-glazing uses ½” thick glass, which is recommended by GANA for ceiling heights from 96” to 120”.
  • Unlimited glass options support natural daylighting.
  • Lightline is comprised of highly recyclable material selections.
  • Tested and approved for high air quality standards, Lightline is GREENGUARD® Children & Schools Certified.

Contact Us for Lightline Architectural Walls Design and Installation Assistance

We will provide you with design, planning, and installation assistance for your Lightline Architectural Walls. We will work with you to create the Storefront Wall solution that meets all of your wants and needs. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083, so we can put you in touch with the Lightline Movable Wall expert in your area.


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