File Box Storage Shelving and Archival Record Box File Racks

record-storage-boxes-box-shelvingFile Box Storage Shelving and Archival Record Box File Racks provide an organized, space efficient storage solution to managing the archival records for businesses. High capacity archival record box file racks provide space savings, quick and easy access, and protection for documents and the people who access them. High capacity file box storage shelving will maximize your storage space and free up floorspace for more productive uses (see Archival Record Box File Racks images).

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Some of the benefits of Archival Record File Racks are:

  • Space saving (doubles or even triples the amount of file boxes you can store in the same floorspace)
  • Protects documents from water and rodents by getting record boxes up off of the floor.
  • Eliminates back injury due to unstacking and re-stacking of record boxes weighing 35 pounds to 40 pounds in order to retrieve information
  • Improved morale and attitude of personnel retrieving documents by providing an organized and safe storage environment
  • Promotes a professional image of your organization to your employees, prospects, and clients

Maximize The Storage of Your File Box Storage Area with Record Box File Racks

Archival record box file racks are specifically designed to optimize the number of boxes without wasting any shelf space. Designed properly, record boxes will fit comfortably in shelving units without unnecessary air space between boxes and shelf levels. Well designed file box storage shelving maximizes the use of every square inch of shelving space.

Eliminate Expensive Offsite Storage with High Density File Box Storage Shelving

archival-file-box-shelving-racksIs offsite box storage costing your business too much in productivity and storage charges? Eliminate expensive offsite storage with high density box storage shelving. We have several rolling high density box storage shelving systems that will double or even triple the capacity of your record box storage area. Need space for an extra workstation? A sliding file box storage shelving system may be the perfect solution to make additional room for another workstation or more.

Box Storage Shelving Comes in a Wide Range of Standard Sizes

Box storage shelving comes in many different standard sizes depending on the size of the file boxes you are storing and the floorspace area. Standard record box file rack dimensions are available from 30″ to 96″ wide and 15″ to 48″ deep with heights up to 16′ tall. File box storage shelving is available in single sided shelving units to go up against a wall or freestanding double sided box storage units that allow boxes to be accessed from both sides of the shelving. Designed for easy and quick assembly, the box shelving boltless design requires no special tools for installation, just a rubber mallet.revit bim models

shopping_cart_icon.png Sliding Box Shelving Storage Systems

record box sliding storage shelvingWe have a complete line of box storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore, including stationary box storage shelving, wide span box storage racks, and space-saving sliding box storage shelving systems (below).

The units below have 6 storage levels and range from 6′ 10″ to 7′ high (Click here to see sliding units with 7 storage levels).

Unit Width
2 Rows Deep Units (35″ deep)
3 Rows Deep Units (53″ deep)
4 Rows Deep Units (72″ deep)
5′ 4″
SMS-25-B021BX4P6(stores 36 boxes)
SMS-25-T021BX4P6(stores 48 boxes)
SMS-25-Q021BX4P6(stores 60 boxes)
7′ 4″
SMS-25-B221BX4P6(stores 54 boxes)
SMS-25-T221BX4P6(stores 72 boxes)
SMS-25-Q221BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
10′ 10″
SMS-25-B232BX4P6(stores 90 boxes)
SMS-25-T232BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-Q232BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
12′ 10″
SMS-25-B054BX4P6(stores 108 boxes)
SMS-25-T054BX4P6(stores 156 boxes)
SMS-25-Q054BX4P6(stores 204 boxes)
14′ 4″
SMS-25-B243BX4P6(stores 126 boxes)
SMS-25-T243BX4P6(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-Q243BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
15′ 4″
SMS-25-B065BX4P6(stores 132 boxes)
SMS-25-T065BX4P6(stores 192 boxes)
SMS-25-Q065BX4P6(stores 252 boxes)
17′ 10″
SMS-25-B254BX4P6(stores 162 boxes)
SMS-25-T254BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-Q254BX4P6(stores 306 boxes)
20′ 4″
SMS-25-B087BX4P(stores 180 boxes)
SMS-25-T087BX4P6(stores 264 boxes)
SMS-25-Q087BX4P6(stores 348 boxes)
21′ 4″
SMS-25-B265BX4P(stores 198 boxes)
SMS-25-T265BX4P6(stores 288 boxes)
SMS-25-Q265BX4P6(stores 378 boxes)
24′ 10″
SMS-25-B276BX4P6(stores 234 boxes)
SMS-25-T276BX4P6(stores 342 boxes)
SMS-25-Q276BX4P6(stores 450 boxes)
28′ 4″
SMS-25-B287BX4P6(stores 270 boxes)
SMS-25-T287BX4P6(stores 396 boxes)
SMS-25-Q287BX4P6(stores 522 boxes)


Box Storage Shelving and Box Racks Layout and Design Assistance

Designing and planning file box storage areas is an important part of our services. Contact us today at 1-800-803-1083 and one of our box storage specialists will help you determine the best box storage shelving solution for your requirements.