Managing your workload is easier with modular bi-file Cabinets

legal storage sliding cabinetsLaw offices, no matter if they specialize in trying civil or criminal cases, have an overwhelming amount of paperwork to keep track of in order to adequately represent clients. And, occasionally, cases are pushed back or put on hold simply because there aren’t enough resources available to handle the current caseload. Having to do this leads to a delay in justice for clients and sufficiently limits a law office’s ability to increase their clientele base. Well, managing your workload just got easier with modular bi-file high-density mobile cabinetsClick here to watch how modular bi-file high-density mobile cabinets and shelving can help a law firm run more efficiently. Click here to see additional photos.

Advise clients better by using legal sliding storage Shelving

The use of these legal sliding storage shelving with or without doors will change how you approach your work and help you to provide clients with more efficient counsel in the future. Mounted on platforms equipped with rails, these modular bi-file high-density mobile cabinets are designed to hold anything from archival boxes and binders to media content and notebooks in less space than traditional filing systems and can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your office, without having to pay for costly construction to expand your existing footprint. In addition, thanks to its innovative design, these legal sliding storage cabinets move from side-to-side with little effort, completely eliminating the need for traditional floor aisles. This creates easier access to case-sensitive materials stored inside. And you’ll be better prepared for trial because you’ll have spent less time searching for documents needed to support an argument when pleading a case. Click here to learn about how legal sliding storage cabinets work to save space

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Keep better track of case progress with legal sliding storage cabinets

high density modular bi file mobile cabinetsDesignating these modular bi-file high-density mobile cabinets as the place where case-sensitive materials are kept, will help appointed counsel to keep better track of a case as it progresses. It will also significantly reduce the risk of lost or misplaced documents and help avoid being accused of providing a client with ineffective counsel or false representation in court because of it. If security is a need, it can be implemented by using a cabinet with doors or you can also use sliding storage shelving fitted with wide roll-up doors (up to 12′ wide). This will help keep confidential information from being leaked to unauthorized sources and ensure the outcome of the case is not compromised in any way. 

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