High-Density Storage and Filing

high-density storage filingIf you’re thinking about building, modernizing, or retrofitting your storage areas to increase space, high-density storage systems are the way to go.

Space is at a premium for many industries in today’s business world. Even though this can be unavoidable, it’s still possible to make better use of your space. It creates opportunities for reducing costs and increasing productivity without needing to pay for an expansion. Investing in high-density storage is one of the best ways to help companies get the most out of their existing space.

The value of a company’s storage space depends entirely on the quality of the storage system they’re using. Companies can increase the value of their storage space by using more efficient storage systems. When using traditional shelving, there aren’t many reconfiguration options. However, because high-density storage features carriage and rail systems, companies can nearly double their storage space within the same footprint.

Understanding High-Density Storage and Filing

High-density storage helps businesses store more things in less space. At the same time, it’s common for companies to use traditional shelving for storage, which poses challenges. The main reason is that conventional shelving is static and takes up a specific amount of space. As businesses continue growing, so are their needs for expanding their storage areas. When the square footage of the storage area stays the same, that means finding creative solutions for where to put things.free revit bim models

If companies don’t have the budget to expand storage space to accommodate their need for more room, it can easily become disorganized and overcrowded. That’s not to mention the other problems that might also occur, including decreases in productivity, morale issues, safety hazards, and other things that can negatively affect a company’s bottom line.

High-density storage solves these problems. When companies mount shelving or cabinets onto a carriage or rail system, they no longer need fixed aisles. Instead, this mobile storage system can be condensed into a compact space. With movable aisles, companies can store the same number of items in half the footprint.

High-density storage and filing systems feature design specifically for the following storage examples:high-density movable filing storage shelves

  • Archival boxes and other museum materials
  • Athletic equipment
  • Cooler and freezer storage
  • Electronics
  • File boxes, file folders, notebook binders, and office supplies
  • Healthcare and medical supplies
  • Law enforcement and military gear and weapons
  • Library books

Why Facilities Should Use a High-Density Storage System

Companies continuously struggle with the square footage in their facilities, offices, and other areas throughout the world. It might be necessary to keep hard copies of documents, samples, and other items. However, the available space on shelves or in storage areas might be running low. While it might seem like moving to a larger facility is the answer, that isn’t always feasible. When storage space starts running low, it can create stress and productivity issues. Even if a business decides to go paperless and move to electronic storage, that doesn’t solve other physical storage issues.high density movable shelving systems

That’s where high-density storage systems come into play. As soon as storage becomes an issue, company owners must think creatively about solving that problem. High-density storage is typically the answer. No matter if it’s decades of documents they need to retain, company uniforms, or supplier-provided samples, a mobile cabinet system can help free up much-needed space.

The average employee spends approximately one and a half hours searching for things. For example, they might be searching for documents they need to complete office tasks that day. That’s an enormous strain on a worker’s productivity that companies can solve by implementing better filing solutions.

Not only is searching through disorganized files a significant waste of time, but storing items off-site is also time-consuming. Here are additional reasons why facilities should incorporate high-density mobile storage into their spaces:

  • Storage for endless applications: Mobile cabinet storage systems are efficient no matter the company’s industry. That could mean using a rotary cabinet for organizing library research materials or file storage for storing a museum’s archival boxes, and more.
  • Saving floor space: It doesn’t take long for a facility to feel cramped when more storage comes in. Implementing high-density storage frees up space that’s already at a premium.
  • Cost efficiency: As businesses continue growing and bringing on additional staff, that often means needing extra storage space. A cost-effective solution is using high-density storage instead of moving to a different facility.

How a High-Density Storage System Improves Efficiency

high density filing storage systemsHigh-density storage solutions help enhance organization, which translates to improvements in a company’s efficiency. That efficiency translates to shorter response times, protection for storage items, streamlining processes, and revenue increases.

When storage areas become too cramped, workers must move things to get to what they need. Companies can improve efficiency by putting the aisles between static shelving to practical use. When incorporating high-density storage systems, companies make retrieval efficient and fast while simultaneously eliminating wasted aisle space.

Benefits and Features of High-Density Storage

Implementing a high-density storage system is an excellent way of consolidating high volumes of materials and products while maximizing limited storage and warehouse space. In addition to increasing storage capacity, these storage systems transform vacant areas into usable spaces.

Additional benefits include:

  • Double storage capacities: Companies can increase their storage capacities by up to 50%. These systems also feature three times the storage capacity of a conventional filing or shelving unit.
  • Convenience and organization: Just about any storage system can mount to a mobile cabinet system. That includes existing cabinets and shelving.
  • No off-site storage costs: Storing items off-site is expensive and can incur additional costs. Those costs also include the staff needing to travel back and forth to retrieve items.

Incorporating high-density storage into spaces means companies have complete control over customizations to ensure these units meet their needs. Some of these features include audit control and tracking, composition and rail, design, lighting, organizational, and safety.

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Additional features include:

  • More space to work: Consolidating storage areas creates additional space for other work zones.
  • Enhanced security: Companies can set up high-density storage systems to require a PIN or badge to access the contents.
  • Improve sustainability: Companies can store items in a smaller footprint, which equates to conserving resources.
  • Temperature and humidity control: These storage systems help optimize space while simultaneously creating ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Mobile Letter-Size High-Density Shelving

Model Number

System Size

Budget Price

File Cabinet Storage Equivalent

Aisle Size

Typical Configurations

SSG-EML3672L click to view or download a pdf 10′ x 4′ $8,600 8.7 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″ letter-size mobile shelving 2 units
SSG-EML4872L click to view or download a pdf 10′ x 5′ $9,300 11.7 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML7272L click to view or download a pdf 10′ x 7′ $10,900 17.3 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML9672L click to view or download a pdf 10′ x 9′ $12,200 23.4 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML3673L click to view or download a pdf 12′ x 4′ $10,700 11.5 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″ letter-size mobile shelving 3 units
SSG-EML4873L click to view or download a pdf 12′ x 5′ $11,400 15.6 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML7273L click to view or download a pdf 12′ x 7′ $13,600 20.2 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML9673L click to view or download a pdf 12′ x 9′ $15,700 27.3 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML3674L click to view or download a pdf 15′ x 4′ $12,600 14.4 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″ letter 4
SSG-EML4874L click to view or download a pdf 15′ x 5′ $13,900 19.5 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML7274L click to view or download a pdf 15′ x 7′ $16,500 28.8 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″
SSG-EML9674L click to view or download a pdf 15′ x 9′ $18,900 39 five-drawer file cabinets 36″ wide 42″

How a Mobile Cabinet Storage System Benefits the Military

movable shelving systems high density storageU.S. Airforce bases are home to modification projects for many aircraft models, some of which have been in service for as much as 50 years or longer. The purpose of these modifications is to extend the aircraft’s lifespan significantly. Airforce bases support these efforts by providing access to and storing wooden crates containing replacement parts. Crew members must move these crates in and out of storage areas weekly.

Problems occur when warehouses fill with crates that are difficult to locate and retrieve. For example, if a crate is on a stack behind another set, crew members can spend a significant amount of time with forklifts to access that crate. Because these labor-intensive retrieval efforts consume a substantial amount of time, it could cause delays in the modification program’s production schedule.

The solution is installing a storage system featuring carriages and storage racks. These systems contain carriages that include shelf racks. Airforce bases benefit from these units carrying a heavy payload that can accommodate a large number of crates. Because these systems move on rails, that eliminates wasted aisles space and simplifies the retrieval process.

These systems aren’t only for the U.S. Airforce. The U.S. Army also benefits from the time-saving capabilities these systems feature when loading and unloading cargo. They can also secure sensitive materials using a PIN code that records who is accessing these items and when.

Incorporating High-Density Storage and Filing Systems

Southwest Solutions provides innovative answers when companies need designs and installation for high-density storage. Send us a message to contact one of our expert design team members or call us at 1-800-803-1083 today. They’ll help you determine which storage solution is best for your company.


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