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Design a Functional Eco-Friendly Modular Office with Genius Moveable Walls

Genius® Moveable Walls improve function, have boundless design options, and are eco-friendly to meet the high performance requirements office professionals’ demand from their workspace. These Modular Walls include many features and options: they will reduce noise, deliver electricity and data, and seamlessly integrate with furniture and structures. Genius Moveable Walls are designed to withstand years of use and reconfigurations, which makes them a cost-effective Modular Wall solution. We provide Genius Moveable Walls to all types of businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio that will create spaces that are not only productive and functional but also beautiful and inspirational.

Create Streamlined Utility with Genius Moveable Walls

Frosted glass Genius Modular Wall Office Layout Dallas Fort Worth Austin San Antonio

The main purpose of a wall is to divide space and provide privacy. Genius Moveable Walls will accomplish that and more by creating highly functional spaces that encourage efficiency and productivity. The Modular Walls integrate with worksurfaces, storage, and accessories creating streamlined workstations that easily accommodate those needs. In addition, Genius Moveable Walls also deliver power and data where they are needed, meeting all of your technology needs now and into the future.

Some of the specific functionality features of the Genius Walls:

  • Designed to reduce noise (44 to 48 STC on solid panels) which improves focus and productivity
  • Change the room’s look or access power/data wires with removable panel faces
  • Slotted uprights easily integrate with furniture and casework
  • Approved for seismic areas
  • Non-obsolescence guarantee
  • Durable 22-gauge steel shell construction
  • Unitized and non-progressive construction speeds installation and reconfigurations
  • Non-damaging connections to carpeting, ceiling and perimeter walls

Moveable Genius KI Modular Walls office interiors Dallas Ft Worth Austin San AntonioMake a Strong Visual Impact with the Genius Modular Walls

With tons of options for materials, textures, colors and configurations, Genius Moveable Walls offer the design flexibility to make a strong visual impact. From offices and conference rooms to storefronts, these Modular Walls have the product depth to achieve any look in any space. Frames can be specified in materials ranging from anodized aluminum to solid wood. Also, you can choose from glass or veneer, sliding or swinging doors with hidden or exposed hardware. The range of options for your Modular Walls defies the boundaries on what designs are possible.

Designing Eco-friendly Spaces is Easy with Genius Moveable Walls

Modular Conference Room Genius Moveable Walls Dallas Ft Worth Austin San Antonio

Genius Moveable Walls are constructed using ecologically sound materials and processes to maintain sustainability. The walls have earned the recognition of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Building Design, and Leadership in Energy and the Environment Design (LEED™) program. They are also GreenGuard® tested and approved. Genius Walls complement any color palette, but they are all green.

Some of the sustainability features of the Genius Walls:

  • Consists of up to 70 percent recycled aluminum pre-manufacturing, 94 to 98 percent recyclable post-consumer and 99 percent reusable
  • Pre-engineered solution creates significantly less construction waste compared to permanent construction
  • Endless glass options promote natural day lighting

Contact Us for Genius Moveable Walls Design and Installation Assistance

We will provide you with design, planning, and installation assistance for your Genius Movable Walls. We will work with you to create the Modular Wall solution that meets all of your wants and needs. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083, so we can put you in touch with the Genius Movable Wall expert in your area.


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