Choosing the Right Workstations for Your New Office

Swiftspace office workstations fold up and downWhether you’re opening up a large office like a call center in a new location, there is something you have to consider: what type of office furniture will you choose? Whatever type of furniture you decide to use – cubicles, benching systems, or a combination of the two – there’s something to keep in mind: change. Large businesses with hundreds of employees frequently deal with turnover, mergers, and employee restructuring.

To keep ahead of all these changes and ensure your making the right investment, you need office furniture that will adapt. At first this makes traditional cubicles and benching systems seem like the right solution. But looking closer, you will realize that the cubicles you’re used to are very inflexible and costly.

Problems and Costs Associated with Traditional Office Furniture

First of all if you’re opening a new office, you will need to hire additional staff to get the project complete, which in many cases can take weeks. This will eat-up a big chunk of your budget. While you might have factored in the cost of the initial installation when you opened up the new office, what happens when 2 years later you need to reconfigure part of the layout of your 100,000 sq. ft. building housing 700 employees?

Doing it in stages might seem like a way to solve the problem, but the loss of productivity from every employee that’s moved adds up to a significant cost. And if customers are having to wait long periods of time to reach an employee – even if this is the only time that’s ever happened – it will leave a bad taste in their mouth that can translate into an irate customer or a bad online review.

Swiftspace Office Workstations: Flexible Office Furniture for Your Large Business

swiftspace office workstations with height adjustable desksSo what can you do? You need benching systems and cubicles for your employees but these inflexible and costly furniture options just won’t work. What you need is something totally modern yet very familiar – Swiftspace office workstation solutions.

The Swiftspace office workstation solutions have the exact same appearance as traditional cubicle and benching system, but are completely different in how you can use them.

Installation is done without tools or parts.

That’s right, the Swiftspace office workstations come directly to you, ready to be unfolded and set-up for use in mere minutes. You don’t need any tools or need to worry about any pieces because everything is already installed within the framework of the workstation.

Anyone can setup the workstations – even a child.swiftspace office workstations adapt to large businesses' furniture changes

Unlike traditional cubicle setup where you need professionals to build them, the Swiftspace office workstations are so easy to setup a child can do it. Not only is it easy to setup the workstations, they go up in just minutes.

Fold down and store out of the way.

The Swiftspace office workstations fold back down just as easily as they setup, taking up almost no space. Simply unfold the workstations, move them to the side, and you’re done.

Can be moved anywhere at any time.

At first everyone was working independently, and then you received a project that required a lot of meetings and team work. That’s no problem when you have the Swiftspace office workstations. Because they’re on casters, you can roll them and re-arrange them however you want to get your work done.

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