Improving Ergonomics for Your Employees with Sit or Stand Deskssit or stand desks are adjustable work surfaces

Studies show working while sitting down for long periods of time every day is bad for your health. Also, if your desk isn’t in the ergonomically correct position, you stain your back, shoulders, and neck. Movable adjustable height work surfaces give employees the option to work sitting or standing while ensuring their desks are at the correct height, which increases their energy, morale, and productivity.

Movable Adjustable Height Work Surfaces Features

Movable adjustable height work surfaces can be used by themselves as sit or stand desks or they can be attached to the rolling fold down workstations. And because these sit or stand desks are on casters, they can be moved anywhere in your office or taken to an outside location. In addition, the work surfaces fold down for easy storage.

The movable adjustable height work surfaces feature a dual arm mechanism that raises the desk from 29″ to 50″. Once the preferred working height is attained, you simply release a handle and the mechanism locks into place.

movable adjustable height work surfaces are ergonomical desksThe frame of the sit or stand desks is made from anodized aluminum with laminate insert panels on the side and back. The top is made from one inch thick high pressure laminate with a particle board core and 2mm edging. The work surfaces can be ordered in any width from 48″ to 60″ with a depth of 24″ or 30″. The casters are 2.5″ in diameter with grey rubber wheels that swivel and lock.

Design Options for Movable Adjustable Height Work Surfaces

The desks come in both a rectangle and kidney shape. And the top and side panels are available in a variety of different finishes including wild cherry, maple, white tigris, natural tigris, evening tigris, neutral glace, white, pumice, antique white, pepperdust, grey, white spec, Madagascar, Asian sand, river cherry, and walnut.

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