the kardex lektriever is an ada accessible electric lateral file system

An Electric Lateral File System Models 115 120 and 125 Available on TXMAS Contract

The Kardex Lektriever is an Electric Lateral File System that rotates to bring stored items directly to the user. This Electric Lateral File System can be used in a variety of applications throughout government agencies, the military, universities, k-12 schools, municipalities, police departments, healthcare facilities, libraries, and more. The Kardex Lektriever is available from us on GSA and TXMAS Contracts. In addition, The Kardex Lektriever meets all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and guidelines for forward reach over an obstruction, knee clearance, maximum height forward reach, front approach, and side approach. (learn more about how the Kardex Lektriever and ADA requirements)  Click here to learn more about electric lateral file systems. (See videos See videos)

an electric lateral file system available from txmas

Features and Benefits of the Kardex Lektriever

Here are just some of the features and benefits of the Kardex Lektriever Electric Lateral File System Models 115, 120, and 125:
  • High Density: The Kardex Lektriever rotates shelves using overhead space, which will save up to 70% of the floor space compared to traditional lateral file cabinets.
  • Flexible Storage Design: There are 8 to 31 carriers available for each unit to match your storage needs.
  • Adjustable Work Counter: The ergonomic work counter easily adjusts up and down to meet the ideal standing or sitting height of the user. Also, an overhead task light for increased visibility.
  • Controlled Access: The Kardex Lektriever has locking security doors to keep confidential stored items safe from unauthorized access.
  • Range of Controls: There are multiple styles and levels of controls available from basic push button to PC integration.
  • Safety Features: The Electric Lateral File System has numerous safety features to protect stored items and users including a full safety light curtain, emergency stop buttons, and two safety touch bars.
  • Software Integration: Software for file and item tracking, bar codes, color code labels and more can be easily integrated with the Kardex Lektriever.

Contact Us for Kardex Lektriever on GSA and TXMAS Contracts

a file system on txmas is the kardex lektriever 115 120 125

Southwest Solutions Group® is the exclusive dealer of Kardex Lektriever Electric Lateral File Systems on TXMAS Contract. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area.


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