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Compact Storage For Large Pallet Racks and Compact File Shelving

Compact Storage and Compact File Shelving stores anything from end tab files to large pallets in less floor space (View Compact File Shelving Image Gallery). Compact storage and Compact File Shelving systems consolidate storage in less than half the floor space when compared to static non-moving storage shelving and traditional filing cabinets. You can use Compact Storage to reduce the floor space you are using for storage or double your existing file storage in the same floor space. What this means to you is you can optimize the use of your floor space and conserve energy. For example, businesses have purchased Compact Storage pallet rack systems to consolidate warehouse storage closing secondary storage facilities to reduce costs, or they have purchased Compact File Shelving to bring offsite file boxes back onsite and reduce overhead costs. In most cases, Compact Storage Shelving solutions have a Return On Investment (ROI) in less than one year. Some applications for compact storage include:

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Compact Storage and File Shelving Contracts:

Texas State Contract (TXMAS) purchasing information
GSA Contract information
GSA Small Business Contract information
Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) Purchasing Agreement
Other State, University, and Healthcare Contracts

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