high density sliding box shelves on tracksThe Federal Public Defender’s Office was out of file storage space and case file information was difficult to account for and locate. They installed a high density sliding file shelving system in the case file room and doubled the filing storage capacity, expedited retrieval and improved control. (see images of High Density Sliding Shelving for Box Storage)

High density sliding file shelving eliminates the need for additional lease space

Before installing the High Density Sliding Shelving, the file room was at capacity. The office had considered leasing off-site storage but wanted the convenience and control of keeping everything on-site. “We had totally run out of space,” commented the Administrative Officer. “We needed to maintain 15 years of closed case files on-site for convenience.”

flexible High density file shelving stores multiple types of records together

high density case file box shelving

Not only did the law office need to solve its space problem, it also needed to come up with a solution to keep all of its records filed together by case. Depending on the size of the case, records are stored in files, expanding file pockets, case boxes or often a combination. The previous storage situation, which included file cabinets and open record box shelving, made it impossible to store case records together in one type of storage equipment when they required a mix of record containers. Consequently, they were often split up into three different areas of the room, which made it difficult, frustrating, and inefficient to locate information.

“We looked at other types of file storage equipment, but none of them provided an efficient solution that allowed us to keep the case materials together. Cabinets would store our files and file pockets, but not our boxes. And open shelving would store our boxes, but not manage our files and file pockets very well. Then we discovered high density sliding shelving and knew that it would allow us to consolidate our records and save us space,” said the Administrative Officer. “We looked at other companies for our high density sliding system, but they wanted us to convert our entire filing method and we didn’t want to make a change to that part of our operation. We simply had to find a space-efficient storage method that allowed us to keep cases together.”

Accountability and ease of retrieval were other important aspects for the law firm. Because one case could be potentially split up, the attorneys and support staff had to search in three storage areas in the file room. Many times after locating materials for a particular case, they were still never assured that they had found all the pertinent records. With every bit of information critical to a trial, this was a real concern.high density rolling box case file shelving racks

High density sliding file shelving saves space and provides for additional growth

The high density sliding file shelving system replaced all of the other filing equipment and doubled storage capacity. The Public Defender’s Office was able to consolidate all of the records and make room for growth. The high density sliding file shelving was configured with open shelving and file dividers so that any type of record storage container could be easily placed on the shelf and organized by case. In addition to storing everything together, the office also incorporated a sequential file numbering system for every file pocket and box. When locating case records staff can now identify whether a file or box is missing. “Now that materials are all in one system, our frustration level has been significantly lowered and the attorneys are very happy,” she claimed. “Not only does the high density sliding file shelving system give us room to grow, but with all of the case records stored together, we now have better control and accountability.”