Sliding Double Deep File Shelving Solves Client’s File Storage Problem

Before Southwest Solutions Group®, this customer was out of floor space. The client had resorted to storing active and confidential files in unsecured file storage boxes on top of five-drawer file cabinets. Stacking file boxes on top of file cabinets made accessing records a daunting task for the employees. Accessing files from file boxes was a two person job. One person would climb up on a rolling step ladder and hand the other person the file boxes to access the file box they needed. After the file was retrieved the boxes had to be re-stacked back on top of the file cabinets. The solution, Sliding Double Deep File Shelving with Rolling Tambour Security Doors which provided the client with the space and security they needed. (view photos of Rolling Tambour Security Doors).

Sliding Double Deep File Shelving Increases Storage Capacity While Saving Space

Increase Storage in the same space with lateral sliding shelves

After installing the Sliding Double Deep File Shelving the client was able to store all of their files including their file boxes in the new system and have 15% of additional space for file growth. The Sliding Double Deep File Shelving (also known as Bi-File shelving) slides back and forth on tracks or rails to provide double depth file storage on open shelves. There are two rows of file shelving where the front shelf sections slide back and forth on floor tracks, which allows access to the back row of stationary file shelving.

Adding Rolling Tambour Security Doors For Security for Confidential Files

sliding double deep file shelving units securely stored behind rolling tambour doors

Adding Rolling Tambour Security Doors to the sliding file shelving system enabled our customer to protect their confidential files. The 12′ wide Rolling Tambour Security Door is fastened to the double deep shelving and rolls up into an overhead compartment above the shelving. The client purchased the Rolling Tambour Security Door because they liked the idea of a single door, keypad security access, and the fact that there are no hinged type swinging doors that open into the aisle way. The Rolling Tambour Security Door is controlled by a touch pad located on the side of the shelving unit. To access the stored files, the client simply keys in their security code and the doors open or close automatically.

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Designing and Planning Sliding Shelving with Tambour Security Doors

Here is what our client had to say about their new file storage shelving and our services,“We love our new file system! No more moving boxes to retrieve files and everything is secure in one efficient unit. It was a pleasure working with your team.”

If you would like more information on Sliding Double Deep File Shelving with Rolling Tambour Security Doors, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and one of our file system experts will contact you immediately.


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