Automated File Storage Machines Provide Employees with an Ergonomic Work Environment

automated file storage machines improve ergonomics Providing an ergonomic and ADA accessible work environment, no matter what you are storing, is essential to the overall health of your organization. Climbing on stepstools to access files in boxes or double-stacked file cabinets and bending over to access bottom drawers are opportunities for accidents to happen. Plus, employees with limited mobility cannot complete certain tasks without help. You can improve ergonomics and ADA accessibility in your workplace with Automated File Storage Machines. (view images of Automated File Storage Machines)  Click here to learn more about electric lateral file cabinets.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical file carousels

How the Automated File Storage Machines Work to Improve Ergonomics

Automated File Storage Machines are a series of vertically arranged revolving file shelves or file drawers. At the push of a button, the shelves will rotate to automatically bring requested items to an ergonomically positioned work counter. The work counter can be adjusted for each person that uses it and can be used in both a sitting and standing position. The Automated File Storage Machines are easily controlled by an electronic keypad or system software. The machines store almost anything from files and books to pharmaceuticals and glass slides. (See videos See videos)

Benefits of the Automated File Storage Machines for Ergonomics and ADA Accessibility

adjustable counters for ada accessibility are on all automated file storage machines

  • Delivers stored items directly to the work counter, which eliminates walking, climbing, bending, and reaching.
  • Can be used while sitting or standing to accommodate everyone’s specific needs.
  • Work counter can be adjusted with the simple push of a button to ensure each person using the machine is comfortable.

Contact Us for Automated File Storage Machines for Your Organization

Southwest Solutions Group® is a full-service dealer of Automated File Storage Machines. We will provide design, installation, relocation, and maintenance services for Automated Rotating Carousels to improve ergonomics and ADA accessibility in your organization. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area today.


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