Why the Financial Services Company Needed a New Storage Solution

automated vertical filing carousels improve productivityWhen a large financial services company moved its records and materials storage operation across town, the company moved from an old 55,000 square foot facility not well suited to modern records management to a new, but much smaller building. A new solution for storing records and materials became extremely important to the success of the company. The problem of maintaining storage capacity in the smaller space was solved with the installation of three automated vertical filing carousels.

How Much Storage Space was Saved with Automated Vertical Filing Carousels

In the old building facility, records, guides, and microfiche were stored in file cabinets and on shelves occupying an area of approximately 5,300 square feet of actual storage space. The cabinets and shelves were spread over an area of roughly 20,000 square feet in the company’s warehousing and storage complex. Some 30,000-plus storage boxes shared the 20,000 square feet with the files and shelves. Click here to learn more about automated vertical filing carousels.

Now the materials are stored in three automated vertical filing carousels that sit side-by-side to form a wall in the new records storage building. The footprint of the automated vertical filing carousels is about 167 square feet, a reduction of 5,133 square feet from the actual storage space required for the same material in its former location.

automated vertical filing carousels maximize storage spaceAutomated Vertical Filing Carousels Also Increased Productivity

In the former facility, the records department stored microfiche in five-foot high file cabinets and the paper documents on shelves up to eight feet. Low ceilings meant that the materials had to be spread out across a wide area of the building. This caused employees to spend the majority of their time walking and searching for stored materials.

The new facility has a ceiling of nearly 29 feet, with the automated vertical filing carousels reaching 21 feet. Now an employee can stand in one place and retrieve any item they need without walking, bending, and searching through several different file cabinets and shelves. Operator fatigue has been reduced because the automated vertical filing carousels deliver the file trays to an ergonomically positioned 39-inch-high work counter. (See videos See videos)

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