The Versatile Lektriever Carousel

lektriever carousels for government maintenance tool storageFrom presentation documents and holiday decorations to writing pads and tableware, there are countless different items requiring storage in today’s offices – quite apart from everyday filing. With the benefits of automation, the Lektriever carousel is perfectly designed to accommodate everything in your office from the fundamentals to the far-fetched. And the Lektriever isn’t just limited to office storage. There are a variety of industries that benefit from the Lektriever’s automated storage and retrieval capabilities. Click here to learn more about electric lateral file cabinets. 

How the Lektriever Works

Before telling you where to use a Lektriever carousel, it’s important to understand how it works – which is very different than traditional storage methods. The Lektriever is a large machine with rotating trays. Items are stored on the trays, and when a button is pushed the machine rotates the trays and delivers the one requested to a counter that’s positioned at an ergonomic height.

The idea is to deliver stored items to the user. When you’re using traditional storage methods, you have to go find your stored items and retrieve them. With the Lektriever, the entire process is automated. And as an additional benefit, the Lektrievers only use a fraction of the floor space that traditional storage shelves and cabinets occupy. (See videos See videos)

Industries that Can Automate Storage with a Lektriever

lektriever carousels automate healthcare pathology storageIn the past, Lektriever carousels have been used mainly for filing, but there are actually a variety of industries that would benefit from automating storage and retrieval including:


In many government departments, Lektrievers are called upon to store and retrieve the widest range of products and materials from military uniforms to personnel records. In each case, security and integrity are of key importance as well as the savings in floor space and productivity.


In hospitals and laboratories, storage and retrieval needs to be handled with clinical precision. The Lektriever’s special trays for housing samples provide efficient access, preserve security, and minimize sample loss. Maximizing floor to ceiling clearance saves valuable floor space, while the introduction of automation increases staff productivity.

Law Enforcementlaw enforcement storage secured lektriever carousels

Law enforcement weapons and evidence storage require the highest security and safety. The Lektriever’s automated security door provides secure storage physically blocking access to the stored items to operators without a password. And with the addition of FastPic5 inventory management software, all transactions can be recorded, detailing the storage and retrieval actions of each individual.

Hotel/ Laundry

The sheer volume of table linen, towels, and laundry in hotels presents a storage and retrieval conundrum. The installation of Lektrievers can simply and effectively overcome the challenges posed by automating the process of handling and ensuring safe, dry, clean and secure access to the items as required.

Contact Us for Help Automating Storage with Lektriever Carousels

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