automated vertical carousels organize paper files

automated vertical carousels storing paper filesA construction company needed a more efficient filing system for their growing mounds of files and paperwork. The company has completed numerous construction projects ranging from highways and bridges to landfills and runways, railroads and electrification, dams, pipelines, buildings, pole lines, toll plazas, and pump stations. Having so many files to keep track of led the company to install automated vertical carousels for storing paper files for construction projects. Click here to learn more about electric lateral file cabinets. 

how the automated vertical carousels helped organize files

Before the vertical carousels were installed, files were stored in standard four-drawer file cabinets with additional two-drawer filing cabinets stacked on top that required a ladder to access. This not only caused employees to waste time accessing files, but increased the odds of worker injuries and falls occurring because of the ladders. To solve their filing problems, the company installed four automated vertical carousels: two in the accounts payable department, one in the estimating department, and one in the human resources department. (See videos See videos)

The carousels are OSHA and ADA compliant, delivering all files to an ergonomic, waist-high work counter to remove ladders and unnecessary bending, reaching, and stooping motions that can cause injury. Each carrier in the carousel is equipped with rollout drawers for top tab hanging files. To access files, the operator releases the latch on the drawer and pulls the file drawer out with minimal force.see revit drawings and specifications for vertical file carousels

benefits of the automated carousels for storing paper files

automatic vertical carousels store and organize paper filesThe construction company’s filing capacity grew by 2,707 lateral filing inches over the years. The automated vertical carousels provided a 38% increase in file capacity in roughly the same footprint as the old method of file storage. Productivity has also doubled since the installation of the carousels. Instead of spending time searching for the right file cabinet and climbing up and down ladders, employees simply rotate the carriers around with the push of a button. The carousels fit into this construction company’s mission of providing a safe work environment, make their processes faster and more efficient, and provide the best possible customer service.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services to companies looking for an efficient and safe automated filing solution with automated vertical carousels. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your company’s exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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