Create the Office Space that Meets Your Needs with Trendway Re-locatable Office Walls

trendway re-locatable office walls create spaceThe spaces you need and want in your office are unique from everyone else, so why should you settle for cookie cutter, plain drywall construction? With Trendway Re-locatable Office Walls, you can have a quiet, private office clad in wood veneer; a meeting room full of bold colors to inspire creativity, or an open and airy work space without any cubical walls. Trendway re-locatable office walls with optional swinging and sliding doors allow you to create the space you want quickly, easily, and practically.

Trendway Re-locatable Office Walls Let You Personalize the Floorplan of Your Office

Trendway re-locatable office walls perform especially well when it comes to speed and convenience. Because the walls can be reconfigured and moved whenever your needs change, you have a completely flexible wall solution unlike drywall that has to be demolished and re-built each time you need to adjust your floor plan, which takes weeks and costs a significant amount of money.

A Wide Range of Design and Door Options with Trendway Re-locatable Office Walls

The Trendway re-locatable office walls offer designers a wide range of surface material options for varying degrees of privacy and function that include:trendway re-locatable office walls with swinging doors

  • Tempered and decorative glazing
  • Writable/magnetic backpainted glass in a choice of colors
  • Veneer
  • Tackable/fabric
  • Laminate and faux veneer

You can even have the aesthetic of fine custom millwork, or the simple functionality of drywall construction. In addition, the versatile panel sizing conforms to any space dimension requirements.

Swinging and sliding doors add even more functionality to your space. The doors are available in full height or partial height models. Partial height doors – swing or sliding style – have a solid or glazed transom above. You can choose from flush, wood framed, or aluminum framed style.

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