A Sustainable & Cost-Effective Alternative to Drywall Constructed Wallstrendway architectural walls are used for cost-effective space division

Drywall is the most common and most understood type of wall construction today. While it generally requires a low upfront cost, it has a very long installation time using a lot of different trades – framers, sheetrockers, and painters. If you ever want to change your floor plan, you’re in for a long and messy process. Architectural walls, on the other hand, are completely modular. These walls are quick and easy to install or reconfigure whenever you need. If change is the only constant, why not invest in a product that’s built for it? Trendway Architectural Walls are a practical approach to sustainable and cost-effective space division.

Benefits of the Trendway Architectural Walls

With a broad palette of standard surface materials and finishes, plus the ability to support a wide range of custom and special materials, Trendway Architectural Walls can seamlessly harmonize throughout any environment. Additional benefits include:

  • Expanded capacity for utility and technical infrastructure
  • Integrates with both existing building infrastructure and systems furniture
  • Practically eliminates construction waste and mess
  • Can be rapidly reconfigured without demolition
  • Simple and fast installation

Trendway Architectural Walls Components and Materials

Trendway Architectural Walls have just four components:

  1. Framing Elements
  2. Panels / Doors
  3. Finish and Trim
  4. Power and Data

trendway architectural walls are constructed from sustainable materialsTrendway Architectural Walls are made of 18% post-consumer and 28% pre-consumer recycled content. Beneath TrendWall’s gypsum surfaces is an environmental layer of mineral wool insulation, which consists of slag wool. Made of 100% repurposed material, slag wool is a byproduct of steel smelting and, unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, has no outgassing. Because of this, air quality is not compromised

The Trendway Architectural Walls are also 99% reusable. When the components eventually reach the end of their useful life, almost 100% of their content is recyclable, effectively removing it from the waste stream.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for Trendway Architectural Walls. For more information on sustainable and cost-effective space division with architectural walls, contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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