The Company’s Office Floor Plan Looks Different Todaymovable walls have many design options for creativity

Years ago, company offices were filled with private offices for almost every CEO, manager, supervisor, and senior level employee. Large conference rooms and break rooms existed as places where people would segregate themselves to have a meeting or a cup of coffee. Recently, all that has changed.

Downtown real-estate costs have skyrocketed, making office spaces smaller; companies are merging all levels of employees together in open office environments; and businesses are making their spaces more fun and colorful than ever before. Permanent separation between people is out and collaborative spaces are in; however, there is still a need to divide and partition space. Companies still need to have those conference rooms for client meetings and employees still want privacy and quiet. So what can the modern business to do adapt? Invest in movable walls.

Movable Walls Offer More Options for Smaller Offices

movable walls work great in smaller open style officesSmaller offices are faced with the added challenge of anticipating all of their needs up front when the space is being built or renovated. Drywall is a permanent fixture that isn’t going anywhere so your company needs to be prepared for anything. With movable walls, this isn’t the case. You have the freedom to define your space however you want it to work for you at any time.

Say your business is growing and you need to hire some temporary employees while you’re finishing a big project. They will need a large room to collaborate together, but all you have are three separate offices. With movable walls, this isn’t a problem. You can re-arrange your space so that the three offices become one large office. And once the project is complete, it’s easy to put the walls right back where they were.

Open Company Offices Don’t Have to Be Full of Noise

The biggest complaint that most people have about an open office environment is the noise. Workers like the feeling they get seeing their friends and coworkers and being able to easily collaborate, but sometimes that’s not what they need to get their job done.movable walls reduce office noise

Movable walls are a great solution because you can specify glass panels to give you an open office feeling without all the noise of an actual open office. And an added bonus of glass is that it lets in daylight, which automatically enhances and improves the mood of everyone in the office.

Movable Walls Offer Endless Design Options

How are many companies attracting talent these days? By making their offices fun places to work. Beige is out for these companies; they want bold, fun colors that attract the right type of creative minds. Inspiring your creative team is hard when they’re staring at badly textured drywall.

Movable walls, on the other hand, come with an endless variety of design options. You want Astroturf on the bottom half of the wall and frosted glass on the top half? Not a problem. There are also many door options that can be combined with the movable walls including solid doors, doors with windows, solid sliding doors, full light sliding doors, and many more.

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Movable walls will help your company adapt to the changing floor plans of today’s offices.  If you are interested in learning more and speaking to a specialist, contact Southwest Solutions Group® by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.

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