Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinet an ADA Compliant Filing System

An Arkansas State Agency that works with disabled individuals needed a fully ADA compliant filing system for storing personnel records and employee files. The solution to their dilemma was a Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinet. The Lektriever Electric Cabinet complies fully with the Barriers Removal Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 508 of the Rehab Act. Click here to learn more about Kardex Lektriever electric cabinets. see revit drawings and specifications for vertical file carousels

The Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinet Improves Ergonomics

elf electric power file cabinet lektriever improves ergonomics and is ADA compliant filing systemTraditional filing systems use lateral file cabinets that are not ADA compliant. Lateral file cabinets require users to bend, stoop, twist, reach, push, and pull to store and retrieve items, which creates fatigue and reduces productivity. The ergonomic design and operation of the Lektriever system is ADA compliant and based on principles of universal design that minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending, and tight grasping. (See videos See videos)

The Lektriever’s work counter adjusts up and down to provide different ergonomic work heights. Whether an operator is 4ft or 6ft tall, standing, or in a wheelchair, they Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinet ADA Compliant Work Countercan adjust the work counter for their maximum comfort. The Lektriever automatically brings items to the operator to eliminate fatigue. No matter what their ability, employees will become more productive. With the Lektriever, you can create a fully accessible work environment with 100% access to stored items.

Lektriever Electric Cabinet Versus Lateral and Vertical File Cabinets

ADA Compliant Filing System The Lektriever Electric Cabinet provides space efficiencies compared to traditional lateral, vertical, and spinning type file cabinets. For example, the agency previously had 11 four drawer lateral file cabinets that provided 1,600 filing inches. Just one Lektriever Cabinet was able to store all of the files and still have room for more growth. Because the Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinet takes advantage of unused vertical space, it was able to house all of the record and files in significantly less floor space. When an employee needs access to records and files, the electric cabinet delivers them to an adjustable work counter for ease of use. (view video of ADA Compliant Lektriever Electric Cabinet)

Lektriever Electric Cabinet Versus Lateral/Vertical File Cabinets and Rotary Filing Cabinets

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We provide design, installation, maintenance, and relocation services for Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinets. From initial analysis of your filing and storage needs to installation, Southwest Solutions Group® will work with you to develop a Kardex Lektriever Electric Cabinet that meets your ADA compliant filing needs. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will set up a convenient time for one of our filing professionals to meet with you.


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