Space Efficient Museum & Archival Storage Designmuseum cabinets protect preserve archive collections

When designing storage for a museum and archival collection, there is a lot to consider: preservation, security, types of items stored, accessibility, storage space limitations, and the project budget. With this in mind, careful thought to design of your storage space will help reduce construction and future energy costs.

Preserving & Securing the Collection

Environmental considerations are the most important part when planning storage solutions for archival pieces, as many collections may be affected by light, air, and even human contact. You’ll need options that offer air circulation to discourage mold growth and protect against insect attack. Anti-bacterial and flame retardant finishes are also essential for preservation. We have many space saving storage shelving and cabinet solutions to help ensure your collection is safe and secure now for generations to come.

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Types of Items Stored and Accessibility

Collections come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. Careful consideration and planning for various types of storage shelving, racks, and cabinets is essential to ensuring your collections are stored safely and efficiently.

high density storage for large museum collection items

With high construction costs, space is always at a premium. Planning space-saving storage systems to reduce construction costs is an important design consideration, and proper planning for current and future storage growth in the design phase can eliminate major problems and costs in the future. In addition, space-saving storage in many cases will reduce the physical footprint of storage space by 50% or more.

Budget and Return on Investment

Considering space saving systems for your museum will help reduce the size and cost of building construction, control energy and maintenance costs, and provide more space for display and exhibit areas.

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