Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks

Static-high-density-shelvingDid you know aisle space consumes up to 40% of warehouse square footage? How would you like to change that 40% to 10%? Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks turn wasted aisle space into productive storage space or allow you to double the storage capacity of your original space.

By using less space for access aisles, your stored material can be located closer to the point of use for faster retrieval. Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks provide maximum density with no compromise on selectivity and ease of access. For example, with a single person loading or picking inventory, you need only one “movable” aisle to reach every shelf facing. With two or more people working the system, the mobile carriages can be divided into bays with two access aisles (one for each bay) so each person can get at the system independently (view Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Rack image gallery) Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract

Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks Can Store Anything

Anything that can be moved by a lift truck or crane can be stored on Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks. There are virtually no size, bulk, shape or weight design limits. We’ve built systems with rows 150 feet and longer with load capacities over 250,000 pounds. We’ve even put our bulk storage racks in freezers to maximize their storage capacity.

compact high density bulk rack storage shelvingCompact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks Have a Quick Return on Investment

Compact High Density Bulk Storage Racks typically pay for themselves in space savings alone in two years or less. When the need for new construction is eliminated, the payback is even faster. It is not uncommon for the inventory reduction resulting from a more efficient and organized storage system to generate an almost immediate payback. And that’s still not counting the operational benefits of faster access to stored materials and improved workflow. Below are just a few of the savings our customers have experienced using Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks:

  • Precision metal products fabricator, Owensboro, KY, uses them for incoming raw materials and tooling adjacent to loading dock, which created space for expansion.
  • Computer assembly plant in Fort Collins, CO, relocated small parts from off-site warehouse to Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks adjacent to production area.
  • Frozen antibiotics from a Deerfield, IL, pharmaceutical firm are stored in modular freezers and Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks save $100,000 investment per freezer and 50% in energy costs.

    installing compact high density bulk storage racks

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Designing Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks

Designing and planning the right Compact High-Density Bulk Storage Racks for your facility is a key part of our services. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with a specialist today..