Archival Flat File Drawer Storage Cabinet Gives Life To Museum Trend

archival flat file drawer storage cabinet protective glass viewing display topHaving more objects and artifacts within their possession than they have room to handle is a common problem shared by a number of museums. It is one that has lead to the evolution of spaces being entirely devoted to the visual storage and display of collections. Storage experts are ready to support the movement by offering options like the archival flat file drawer storage cabinet with protective glass viewing display top. It gives life to the trend by allowing it to thrive.

The proof is in the design, which is one part storage and one part display for a unit that is on point to become the poster child for visible storage. This claim is easily proven by taking a closer look at the unit’s features. From its many pull-out compartment spaces fit for facilitating the safe storing of valuable collections to a secure space shielded by a protective glass viewing display top for highlighting popular works, the archival flat file drawer storage cabinet is fully equipped to offer a heightened sense of engagement to guests while still ensuring collections are well preserved.

Archival flat file drawer storage cabinet delivers greater collection preservation protection

The archival flat file drawer storage cabinet also boasts many standard features, which give support to its ability to deliver greater collection preservation protection. These include:

  • Units are made from solid, heavy-gauge steel and reinforced welded construction
  • It also features a non-off-gassing powder-coated finish of the highest quality
  • Bright nickel-plated hardware
  • Cushioned drawer bumpers
  • Nine 2″ high flat file drawers with depressors, rear hoods, and safety stops
  • One showcase drawer with linen covered bottom panel and safety stops
  • Clear tempered low lead glass-covered viewing area
  • High-quality stainless steel-drawer end and suspension tracks
  • Single locking system secures all drawers
  • Integrated base with swivel levelers

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