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Mobile Storage Systems Help the Museum Save Big on Space and Money

war museum's mobile storage system in the painting vaultA historical war museum marked its 125th anniversary by moving into a new downtown 440,000-square-foot facility. The new building features cutting-edge conservation labs and state-of-the-art storage facilities to protect the museum’s vast collection. Early in the planning stages, mobile storage systems were chosen to reduce the footprint of the building and ultimately save on construction and maintenance costs. Without the mobile systems throughout the new building, the museum would have needed two-and-a-half to three times as much footprint for storage space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

A Vast Collection Requires Custom Storage for the War Museum

The war museum’s collection of over 500,000 pieces, ranging in size from buttons and insignia to tanks and airplanes, meant that custom mobile systems would need to be designed to optimize space and ensure preservation. Because mobile storage systems come in many different varieties, the museum was able to meet the storage needs of each item in their collection.

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How the Mobile Storage Systems Were Used for Storing Different Collections

The transport and artillery collection, which contains everything from tanks and vehicle components to cannons and munitions, is stored on a Mechanical Assist mobile system equipment vault. Eighteen-foot-high pallet racks accommodate forklift accessible crates, while maximizing vertical, as well as horizontal space.

In the paintings vault, 90 mobile art racks nest together on double rails to house the 1,300-piece collection. And featured in the secure arms vault is a mobile system designed specifically for each type of weapon with adjustable shelves and drawers.

wide-span mobile storage system for large collection itemsThe arms and armor vault houses military models, helmets, body armor, swords and other edged weapons, both functional and ceremonial, in a wide-span mobile storage system. Shallow drawers hold items like toy-soldier collectables once used for military planning, and adjustable shelves further compress the collection of various-sized artifacts.

The dress and insignia vault contains several mobile storage systems with a complex combination of doors, drawers, hanging cabinets and shelving that are fully adjustable and can be easily expanded in the future. Eight-foot drawers hold rolled textiles as well as items like flight and chemical suits. Rolls can be suspended in the drawers, which have removable bottoms for maximum adaptability. Huge cabinets on casters with slide-out Plexiglas cases conserve regimental and battle flags.

Mobile storage systems also saved space in the museum’s living history vault, 3D map archives, photo archives, paper archives and research library. Because the museum made the decision to use mobile systems throughout the storage areas, construction costs were reduced, less materials were used in the process, and maintenance costs will be lower for many, many years.

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