Parachute Storage Gives Your Soldiers a Safe Landing

parachute storage container militaryWhen it comes to parachutes for your soldiers, there’s absolutely no room for cutting corners. The same goes for parachute storage. Parachutes spend much more time in storage than in use, which means military parachute storage needs to keep chutes safe, secure, and ready for action at any time. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we have a long history of providing excellent storage solutions for the military. Our parachute storage containers and storage racks help your troops focus on the mission instead of worrying about what might happen when they pull their parachute cord.

A New Kind of Parachute Container Storage Bin

A European Air Force Base needed help. Their metal wire parachute containers were beginning to bend and break. The last thing anyone wants around their parachute bags is sharp edges and stray wires! To make matters worse, mud and moisture were seeping in through the bottom of the damaged baskets.

Southwest Solutions jumped in and created stackable parachute storage containers in standard and large sizes. These containers are designed with a sturdy 11-gauge steel frame to provide enhanced strength and rigidity. Twelve-gauge steel diamond-perforated panels provide visibility and ventilation without sacrificing security. While these bins are ideal for parachute storage, they can also be used for gear and war bag storage and be incorporated into military deployment equipment.

Easy Stacking

Space is always at a premium in the military, which is why our parachute storage containers include forklift pockets to provide forklift access from all sides. The boxes can stack up to three units high in static applications or be mounted on mobile military pallet racks to save even more space.

Extra Security

There’s no need to worry about your parachutes going missing. The parachute container storage bins can accommodate standard or high-security padlocks. Authorized users can gain easy access to their chutes with tops that open on both sides and a front and back that fold down.military parachute hanging racks

Parachute Equipment Racks and Containers

Where are you going to put all your parachute storage containers? Southwest Solutions has an answer to that, too! At the United States Air Force’s request, we designed compact mobile carriages that were ideal for storing parachute bins.

The parachute equipment racks are placed on floor tracks, allowing them to roll together and eliminating wasted aisle space. The racks can be designed with a choice of controls to move the shelves, including mechanical assist handles, powered push buttons, or touch screen controls. Any of these options make it easy to move the shelves and open up space to access the bins.

These high-density parachute equipment racks provide twice as much storage capacity as static shelving while facilitating better organization of bulky parachute equipment.

Get Expert Design and Installation Assistance

Not sure where to place your parachute equipment racks and containers? Let our expert design team help you determine what type of shelving solution you need and where it would work best on your base or military installation.

When all the plans are set, our certified, factory-trained installation team will install your shelving so that it works perfectly from day one.

There Are No Holes in Our Military Parachute Storage

We strongly believe that good organization is at the heart of a well-prepared military. For over 50 years, Southwest Solutions has offered storage solutions to all kinds of organizations, including the military. Our customers trust us to help them make their organizations run as smoothly as possible, and we don’t let them down. Take a look at our blog to learn more about storage best practices, or request a quote today.


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