Safe & Efficient Parachute Storage

parachute storage container military deploymentSince 1969 Southwest Solutions Group® has been offering efficiency-focused storage solutions for the U.S. military. More than saving you space, we are now proud to provide the safest storage solution for parachutes. These parachute deployment crates are modular, rugged, and collapsible, and fork-liftable. These crates help ensure the parachutes are organized and maintained neatly without crushing them together, which could damage them.

Snag-free Parachute Storage Crate Construction

The most important aspect of these parachute crates is its revolutionary snag-free construction. The crate’s modular panels have smooth edges that slide together without the use of nuts & bolts or other exposed sharp edges that parachutes could snag, tear or rip on when loading, unloading, and in transport. These parachute storage crates are constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum to protect against corrosion from the weather. Internal dimensions of the container are 76” wide by 60” deep by 58” high. Each parachute container will hold 3,000 lbs. of weight.collapsible parachute deployment shipping crates

Deployment Ready Parachute Storage Crates

The parachute’s deployment-ready capability may be a secondary concern; however, it is a crucial consideration when selecting a military storage solution. These rugged storage crates are fork-liftable and nest on top of one another up to three high to save valuable storage space. When not in use, these modular storage crates fold down flat to about 80% of their assemble size for condensed transportation and storage. Parachutes can be accessed from the front, rear, and top allowing rapid, grab-and-go capability, and two men can assemble a unit in about ten minutes. Lastly, these parachute storage containers come with reinforced padlock hasps to prevent theft and attach a security seal if desired. Check out more military deployment equipment here.bulk deployment parachute container

 Parachute Storage Containers (Just the Facts)

  1. Internal dimensions of the parachute container are 76” wide by 60” deep by 58” high.
  2. Modular crate panels slide together without nuts and bolts, so there’s no accidental snagging, ripping, or tearing of your parachutes.
  3. Chute storage crates are made of galvanized steel and aluminum (powder-coated olive green). Containers protect parachutes from the weather and other potentially damaging elements.
  4. Each parachute crates weigh 1,100 lbs. when empty and have a load capacity of 3,000 lbs. each (each modular panel has recessed lift handles and weigh 70 lbs.)
  5. Crates can stack three stories high with a forklift to maximize floorspace.
  6. Units assemble and disassemble in 10 minutes (with two people).
  7. Each crate folds down to a fraction of its size for compact shipping. You can ship 15 parachute crates in a 20-foot ICU container for efficient, cost-effective transportation.
  8. Each parachute crate will store 60 parachutes (T11 type) and 16 parachutes (MC6 type).
  9. Containers have padlock hasps to secure parachutes once packed.
  10. Chutes can be accessed from multiple sides for rapid accessibility.

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Southwest Solutions Group® offers safety-first military solutions for the proper storage of parachutes. By preventing snags and tearing, these military parachute storage containers help maintain the lasting and working functionality of your parachutes. Southwest Solutions Group® offers products that support and protect paratroopers and other military personnel and are here to answer any questions you might have. We also offer a wide range of products on GSA Schedule. Call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.