Rest Easy Wherever You Are with Deployment-Ready High-Capacity Housing Tents

high capacity military housing tentsSince 1969 Southwest Solutions Group® has been offering efficiency-focused solutions for the U.S. Armed Forces, and now we are proud to offer modular high-capacity housing tents for expeditionary settings. One of these portable, multi-story structures can house as many as seven times the number of occupants as a traditional military dome-style tent. This makes the most of limited space, reduces labor and shipping costs, and allows for optimized readiness capabilities.

Make the Most of Your Square Footage with High-Capacity Housing Tents

Are you looking for a tent structure that can withstand long-term use and be shipped and set up efficiently, all while providing modern conveniences? These high-capacity housing tents are mobile, deployment-ready, and designed for semi-permanent or temporary use in an expeditionary setting. They offer several significant advantages over other military housing tents on the market, including space efficiency, cost savings, a high level of readiness, modern comforts, and configurability. Read about more military deployment equipment here.military housing tents gsa

As making use of limited housing space is a top concern for military operations, these state-of-the-art high-volume housing tents are all about efficiency and space optimization. Many military housing tents only provide sleeping and room accommodations on the ground level, leaving vertical space empty and unused. As such, a standard dome tent consumes ample square footage while only housing as few as six people. This means you would need a large quantity of these units, costing you considerable time and money to ship, set up, and maintain.

In contrast, these modular high-density housing tents stack sleeping compartments two or three stories high, making use of vertical space to house up to 44 people in a single tent. That’s the equivalent of seven single-storied traditional dome tents. The time, labor, and cost savings of shipping and setting up one tent instead of seven are huge. Moreover, they ship and store in standard ISO shipping containers for speedy transport. As such, these high-capacity housing tents are ideal for rapid deployment in an expeditionary setting. Choose from a standard or expanded tent model based on what best suits your present needs.

Maximize Your Space with Standard High-Density Housing Tents

high density military housing tentThe standard high-capacity housing tent accommodates 44 berths stacked three levels high. The tent measures 26 feet wide by 40 feet long by 14 feet high, providing the most efficient use of space. Nevertheless, the tent doesn’t compromise the comfort of its inhabitants. Each sleeping compartment occupies 40 square feet (40” x 80” x 40”), consisting of a bed with space to sit up in, a small locker for storing personal belongings, and a privacy curtain. These efficient tents allow you to deploy with increased speed and readiness without sacrificing comfort.

Enjoy the Comforts of Home with Large High-Density Housing Tents

For sustained presence, consider deluxe housing tents which are made of high-quality material and can be comfortably lived in for several months. They offer the creature comforts of home and fast implementation for military expeditionary environments.

high capacity tent militaryThese high-capacity tents measure 40 feet wide by 60 feet long by 20 feet high, and they house 40 berth compartments over two stories. Each compartment contains a minimum of 90 square feet for more of a dormitory-style housing system suitable for multi-purpose needs including work and leisure. With adjustable and removable partitions separating each room, you can configure the space for a variety of uses, including single or double occupancy, workstations, or recreation purposes. Each room includes the following:

  • Cot bed
  • Custom locker to securely store hanging garments and personal belongings
  • USB/110v electrical outlet (in the locker)
  • Switchable light
  • Privacy curtain
  • Room for a desk and chair

The tent is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum structure and Berry compliant inner and outer skin fabrics. Stairs and catwalks ensure stable access to the second level. This sturdy tent provides lightning protection and is rated to withstand a Category III tropical storm. It’s the ideal solution for safe, efficient, and comfortable housing over a sustained deployment. Check out all of our military storage solutions here.

More Specs and Details for High-Capacity Housing Tents

  • Comprised of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum structures and breathable technical fabrics
  • Modular and customizable to fit your housing needs
  • Include heating, AC, and ventilation throughout for comfort in all climates
  • Pack in ISO shipping containers for rapid deployment
  • Suitable for military, NGO, and civilian uses, including training exercises, surge billeting, logistical support areas, natural disaster and crisis response, humanitarian housing, camping, and festivals or events

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