High Density Weapons Racks for armory Storage

armory weapons racks mounted on high density mobile storage saves spaceA new and one-of-a-kind anti-terrorism readiness force was faced with the challenge of outfitting a storage facility with no existing storage equipment to meet their operational needs. A storage solution with superior organization was mandatory to insure quick issue and recovery of weapons for the Marines. The solution was weapons racks mounted on high density mobile storage to save space in their facility, which had limited storage capacity and was anticipating two moves in the future. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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The amount of weapons, optics, and specialty gear the battalion possessed is unlike any other standard infantry battalion and required specialized storage solutions. Any solution would need to cover both weapons and a multitude of optics, including night vision goggles, laser aiming lights, and thermal weapons sights. A highly organized, space-efficient, and secure method of storing these expensive pieces of equipment was required. The weapons racks mounted on stationary and high density mobile storage systems proved to be the ideal solution for many of the armory’s evolving needs.

The weapons racks on high density mobile storage offers great flexibility for the configuration of shelves and bins, which allows optics to be stored on the weapons and save the armorers’ time. The weapons racks feature built-in retractable doors and locking bars that meet their physical security requirements. The doors, sides, and backs of the cabinets are diamond-perforated to allow quick assessment of inventory. Special support brackets were developed for their anti-armor rocket launchers, which are stored horizontally in similar weapons cabinets.military gear and weapons racks mounted on high density mobile storage systems

In another area, night vision goggles are stored with their cases on 4-post shelving that is customized with doors similar to the weapons racks and bins that provide a high degree of organization. Doors were built to meet specific objectives of the battalion. Although only a portion of the armory storage is currently housed on high density mobile systems, everything, including the 4-post stationary shelving, was designed to be ready for potential mobilization in the future. This planning will minimize the cost associated with the armory’s next move.

With the new storage system, the Staff Sergeant can now complete a site count ten times faster than with the old system. Site counts that used to take hours can now be done in 35 minutes. Since these counts happen at least twice a day and more if there are visitors, it allows more time for the armorers to concentrate on weapons and optics management. Overall, the system has saved the armory time, money, and effort.

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