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An army community hospital needed to improve many aspects of their sterile supply storage system. By installing automated compact mobile storage systems, the army hospital was able to replace pallet racks and wire carts in sterile supply areas and improve logistics, save space, attain better organization, and allow for faster retrievals and optimal accountability. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.
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The army hospital’s operating room areas were remodeling and acquired four powered electric mobile storage systems to modernize its services and expand its storage space. Now, the sterile supplies are located outside the operating room suite in the semi-clean area and within the core of the operating room next to the procedure rooms. Before mobile storage, all of these areas were lacking in space and needed better organization. In the past, a wire rack mobile system and wire carts were used in many of the supply rooms. These systems were not space-efficient, and the overhead tracks made it hard to move around the wire racks. In addition, there was no flexibility in shelf design. It was time-consuming to locate and inventory items since materials easily slid around on the shelves when they were moved.

Another concern was the difficulty of maintaining the integrity of the sterile inventory, which would get caught and damaged on the wire ends. It was a major effort to clean the inventory area since the open wire shelves allowed dust to accumulate easily on the sterile items. The mobile storage systems more than double the space in the operating room storage areas and have specifically designed bins that ensure there is no wasted space between stored items.

high capacity sterile supply storage shelving replace wire carts & pallet racks for army hospital

The department’s bulk sterile supply area stores all on-hand inventory for the operating room area. The powered electric mobile storage system replaced 14 wire carts and more than 300 plastic totes. Up to two months’ supply of more than 200 items is now kept on hand, a significant increase over inventory capabilities in the past. The mobile storage systems has made the area much more efficient so incoming shipments can be quickly stored and daily case cart retrievals are fast.

Inside the operating room, the mobile system also stores linens, miscellaneous medical supply items, and extra instrument sets. The systems allow staff to quickly find and store items in their assigned locations, and there is extensive space on the mobile system for expansion as well as room for a desk area.

replacing pallet racks in warehouse area

In the medical logistics warehouse area, a mobile electric system with ZFS safety features saved more than 85% of their warehouse space, improved inventory control, sped up outgoing shipments, and enhanced safety. Previously, inventory was difficult to store on pallet racks and was easily shifted and lost. The pallet racks and wire carts in the warehouse were able to be replaced with just one powered mobile storage system, which only occupies two-thirds of their space and has over 50% capacity remaining in the system. The systems allow the supervisor to see all activity down the aisles and reduce inventory fluctuations to zero, in addition to improving organization and security. Inventory retrievals have now gone from 24 hours to just three. Personnel have experienced greater job satisfaction and professionalism as a result of the improvements.

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