High Density Compact Track Shelving for Military Maintenance Facilities

military-maintenance-high-density-compact-track-shelvingA local military base improves accountability and organization while efficiently storing test equipment and tools. This military maintenance support operation moved into a new building but was utilizing old storage equipment relocated from another base and was faced with a space and organization predicament. They were introduced to High Density Compact Track Shelving and discovered many positive results. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

high density compact track shelving solves efficiency and organization problems

The local Spacesaver® representative, Southwest Solutions Group, worked with the squadron to solve its efficiency and organization problems and supplied High Density Compact Track Shelving and a custom designed counter area with modular drawers. The Technical Sergeant in charge of the maintenance support area explained the predicament. “The 75th Fighter Squadron provides support and airlift for Fort Bragg.Our area maintains control and security of more than three million dollars of test equipment and tools for the flight-line maintenance crew that works on the A-10s, C130s and weapons. It is critical that we are organized and can issue items quickly.” Previously, the walls were lined with file and storage cabinets and the crowded floor space caused tripping hazards. It was difficult to locate things and, more importantly, difficult to account for tools and equipment. The maintenance operation runs a strict policy to track every item issued to technicians, including the smallest screw. If tools or hardware are discovered missing, an aircraft can be grounded due to possible operational hazards. In this case, first a visual inspection of the support area is done and then a flight-line search. This process can be detrimental to the operation and very costly. The increased organization in the area has helped to improve accountability and speed the retrieval of misplaced items.

military maintenance high density compact track shelving rousseau cabinets

Counter high modular drawers keep maintenance parts organized

Tools and equipment are stored both in the High Density Compact Track Shelving and under custom-designed counters with modular drawers. The front service area was designed with a counter that helps the staff maintain security in the supply area and is used to issue equipment. There is also a central counter that is utilized for inspecting and logging all incoming and outgoing equipment and tools. Beneath the countertops, divided shelf space stores specialists’ toolboxes and modular drawers contain cords and headsets. Open space below is used to stow-away large wheeled tool chests. The High Density Compact Track Shelving, located in an adjacent room, stores aircraft and weapons replacement parts, test equipment, protective covers, and new tools. Back-to-back shelving was designed into the first stationary unit for convenience in storing and locating maintenance literature. The front side stores manuals, trouble-shooting guides and checklists. The back side stores replacement book parts and office supplies.

High density compact track shelving provides security for maintenance parts

The Technical Sergeant said that the High Density Compact Track Shelving provided them flexibility in design and allowed them to accommodate all of their test equipment from small hand-held items to very large, heavy items. It keeps the floor area clear and easy to move around and, in the case of deployment, it makes pack-out into a container very easy. Because the High Density Compact Track Shelving stores more in less space, it allows them to store back-up equipment and provide a designated space for each aircraft so that “everything has a place, and there is a place for everything.” The system’s locking feature provides additional security to protect costly test equipment. Because the High Density Compact Track Shelving keeps everything organized, it accommodates easy staff rotations.

high-density-compact-track-shelving-shelves-racks-drawershigh density compact track shelving and modular drawers enhance productivity

The maintenance supply operation is open every day and staff is rotated in and out three times during its 24-hour operation. In addition, troop assignments to the area are typically brief and the improved storage situation makes it easy to train and orientate new people and minimizes errors. “Safety of the pilots is our greatest concern. That is why it is important for us to account for every item at all times and to provide quick response,” explained Technical Sergeant. “The high density compact track shelving has allowed us to maintain control and present a sharp image. People have been so impressed that other squadrons are taking VIPs through the area. During a recent tour, a general commented that he had never seen such a nice support section.”

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