improving weapons and mobility bags storage

When their base became active duty status, the Air National Guard needed improved Base Supply operations, and fast. They needed a quick and efficient solution that would allow them to handle the increased responsibilities of overseeing and storing all the weapons and mobility bags on top of retrofitting a new building. The solution was two systems of powered and compact high density mobile racks for storing both weapons and mobility bags. Now, the Guard is able to store everything for the whole wing in one central storage area. This not only increased their storage capacity without having to expand their space, but also resulted in a positive change in operations that led to safer storage of items and a faster turnarounds in mobility operations. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

improve weapon storage with high density mobile racks

weapons storage Racks High Density Style

improved military weapons storage with powered high density mobile racksBefore the high density mobile racks, weapons were stored in locked caskets stacked three to four high. For inventory, each casket had to be moved and opened individually, which was a time-consuming and labor-intensive, often requiring at least a dozen people to accomplish. 

With the high density mobile racks, 819 – M16s and 142 – 9mm weapons valued at over $200,000 are stored in a small footprint inside one secure vault. The racks make inventory easily accountable and maintained, and inventory now only takes a few hours for one person to complete. The Guard didn’t have to sacrifice their security methods, either, but still experienced significant gains in efficiency. The weapons are stored in a triple-lock security system: door locks, the IDS room security system, and the lockable weapon racks.

mobility bags storageimproved mobility bags storage with high density mobile racks

The massive high density powered system stores over 4,000 mobility bags along with space and back-up items for additional bags. Each person is assigned a bag, and each bag is assigned to a storage position within the unit. The Guard no longer needs to use large static storage bins, which were previously stacked so high that they required a forklift to access during deployment. With the high density mobile racks, bags are located and retrieved in just minutes.

The system allows the Guard to remove obstacles and be much better prepared for deployment by cutting down preparation from hours to minutes. This also led to a significant boost in efficiency and morale.

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