T-11 Parachute Storage Containers on Compact Pallet Racks are a New Army Storage Solution

T-11 Parachute Containers designed to protect chutes and save space

The Army is getting issued a high volume of new T-11 parachutes that are a different size, which will require a new storage solution. The new T-11 Parachute Storage Containers will accommodate all the parachutes in addition to G-11 and G-12 parachutes to meet the Army’s requirements. In addition, the T-11 Parachute Storage Containers will easily fit on Compact Pallet Racks to save space. (view Compact Pallet Racks videos)

Problem with Existing Parachute Storage Containers

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Currently, many units are using Ban-Air storage racks and baskets to house parachutes. The baskets have multiple snag factors and don’t provide the capacity required for the new T-11 parachutes. Also, the baskets have wheels but are not self stacking nor transportable to the field. Existing knockdown corrugated containers don’t have internal dimensions that maximize storage and are flammable and don’t allow air/water flow. Learn more about pallet racks.

A Better Container Design for T-11 Parachute Storage

Our T-11 Parachute Storage Containers are designed especially to house these chutes. Here are just some of the features and benefits:

  • Has no exposed bolts, hardware or materials that will snag chutes
  • Provides maximum storage density of chutes (12-16 parachutes per container)
  • Parachute containers are stackable three levels high
  • Parachute containers are transportable with forklift pockets
  • Parachute containers are lockable
  • Parachute containers are fire retardant and allow for air and water flow

Store T-11 G-11 and G-12 Parachutes on Racks

Compact Pallet Racks Save Space and Maximize Parachute Storage Capacity

Compact Pallet Racks save space by converting static forklift access aisles into productive storage space. The pallet racks are mounted rows onto heavy-duty rolling carriages and then placed on floor tracks. The pallet racks move sideways along the floor tracks, which creates a movable access aisle that opens when you need it. The Compact Pallet Racks condenses storage without sacrificing accessibility, so you can store twice as many parachutes in the same footprint. In addition, the compact rack aisles can be opened via remote control from the forklift.

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