High Density Racks Efficient Military Parachute Storage Systems

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Organizing parachutes and jump gear for quick and fast response times is essential for the military readiness. It is especially crucial to have all equipment accounted for when emergency operations are specified. An unorganized and crowded military parachute storage area makes gear difficult to locate and can cause dangerous tripping hazards. High Density Racks provide efficient Military Parachute Storage Systems for all your jump gear needs on GSA Small Business Schedule. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

High Density Racks Keep Parachutes Organized and Easily Accessible

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If you are facing space and organization challenges with your military parachute storage system look into High Density Racks. High Density Racks will keep your parachutes, jump gear, and tools secure while saving floor space. The racks can be tailored to meet your precise parachute storage requirements. For example, the High Density Racks can be fitted with brackets so that you can safely hang parachutes and jump gear for fast access. Also, drawers can be added to the racks to store small parts and maintenance tools.

High Density Racks Store Military Parachutes and Jump Gear in Less Floor Space

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The idea behind High Density Racks is to store parachutes and jump gear in less floor space by removing unnecessary access aisles. High density works by mounting the racks on floor tracks that make them roll together and compact your storage space. By simply pressing a button or turning a control knob, you can create an aisle to access stored parachutes and jump gear. High Density Racks will save about 50% of your existing floor space, which will allow you to add more storage capacity or create additional work surfaces where parachutes can be rigged and packed.

Designing and Installing High Density Racks for Military Parachute Storage on a GSA Small Business Contract

Southwest Solutions Group® can supply you with High Density Racks on a GSA Small Business Contract. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will help you design and plan a military parachute storage system that will keep you organized and ready to go.


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