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A naval air station needed a better way to store their military gear. The station, like most military facilities, has a wide variety of gear that must be stored, including everything required for sailors at the time of deployment. The naval air station decided to install secure wire military storage lockers to store deployment gear.

secure wire partitions for military storage lockers to store deployment gearSliding doors save space

The facility had a limited area in their helicopter hangar, so ground floor and second level storage lockers were designed using wire partitions and a mezzanine system was designed. The mezzanine was enclosed to create a secure area.

With space limitations, the storage cages were designed using sliding doors to access the wire partition security areas. The sliding doors move to the side of the door’s opening in front of the adjacent wall panel. In many cases hinged doors would be used, but there needed to be enough room for the doors to swing into the aisle way, and this wasn’t the case for the facility. The doors were placed in the center of the security enclosure so shelving units could be access on either side of the wire partition cages. The doors are built in with mortise cylinder locks that are keyed differently from each other for added security. A master key can be provided to allow one person access to any part of the secured area.

secure wire military storage lockers store deployment gear for naval air station

The naval air station had the option of installing the partitions for the wire military storage lockers either between mezzanine uprights or running the security fencing continuously on the outside of the uprights. Either way provided a highly secure area for military storage. When posts and panels are installed on top of the mezzanine, plates can be provided to go along the underside of the structure to anchor the posts securely. TA-50 military gear lockers are also available for storing all types of specialty gear for each soldier.

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